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Sage 300 Makes Exciting Changes for 2018

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Many people make New Year’s resolutions—promises to change something for the better. Sage 300 is keeping their “new year’s resolutions” by making many exciting changes that are sure to please their customers and fans.

Sage 300 already offers exceptional value in an enterprise resource planning tool. It is an ideal software for businesses to use to control costs while maximizing profitability. It allows you to obtain a 360-degree view of your business, while additional modules add expanded functionality to it. With both on-premises and cloud versions available, Sage 300 is a flexible, accurate, finance and accounting software package beloved by many of its long-time customers.

2018 Sage 300

Now with the following updates, Sage 300 is proving once again that they truly listen to customer needs and respond to requests.

Connected Ecosystem

Sage 300 now offers a “connected ecosystem” with Microsoft 365. Sage contacts integrate through the Dashboard so all your contacts can be in one place. A new user interface, including customized folder structure, multiple browser support, online management packs, and online drill to balance all put more functionality at your fingertips.

Export Declarations Fields

Sage has added a new Export Declaration Field to the Taxes tab of the A/R Invoice Entry and O/E Invoice Entry screens. The Export Declaration Number field allows you to input export declaration numbers for exported goods. This is required in specific tax jurisdictions such as Malaysia and Singapore.

Web Screens

The biggest changes are occurring across many of the web screens on Sage 300c, the cloud-based version of Sage 300. UX-modernization creates a modern, streamlined user interface that offers an environment that many people will feel comfortable using.

With these new web screens, you’ll be able to find open, recently used windows with the click of a mouse. This makes browsing between folders easier. Improved performance in the finder tool also makes it easier for you to find important documents.

Improved import/export processes in the physical inventory screen let you choose the data you’d like to see.

Classic Sage 300 is also undergoing some nice revisions on its screens. You’ll probably notice right away a fresh, clean feel to the UI as you browse the new 2018 version of Sage 300. Redesigned buttons make the information easier and clearer to find and understand. Tools and controls now appear in a ribbon, which puts the user interface in line with many others on the market. This shortens the time it takes people to learn how to use Sage 300 when it shares many common best practice design features with other software.

Make the Switch to Sage 300

Now is a great time to make the switch to Sage 300 if you aren’t already using it. With the new 2018 features, Sage 300 classic and Sage 300 cloud-based versions are both exceptional tools to manage your accounting and financial needs.

Sage 300 features a core accounting module for powerful basic accounting. Additional modules can be added to enhance your system. These additional modules include:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sage Fixed Assets (FAS)
  • Sage Payment Solutions
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Inventory Control
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sage HRMS Payroll
  • Check and Form Printing by PrintBoss

Business intelligence reports, CRM, HR and payroll, inventory and warehouse management, and purchase and supplier management modules and solutions can also be added to adapt the basic Sage 300 system to your company’s individual needs.

With so much already going for it, Sage 300 is an outstanding ERP system. When you add in the 2018 improvements, it’s truly an exceptional tool to support your business. Learn more about Sage 300 from Mindover Software today.

Mindover Software

Mindover Software provides business software and solutions to companies big and small. Sage 300 provides a great ERP system to enhance your accounting and financial management. With a solid basic package and comprehensive modules to add as you need them, it’s a great tool for many businesses. Contact us today for more information.