Sage Guidance on Future BP Acquisitions

I read the new policy on acquisitions issued by Sage yesterday. I have to say, it makes a lot of sense. It clears up questions I had about product marging calculations when you have multiple offices and what happens if you decide to deconsolidate a merged company down the road.

I still personally think that mergers or acquisitions do make sense from a lot of perspectives for Sage business partners. There are a lot of advantages to be gaines, not the least of which include:

  • Better product margins
  • Back office savings
  • More flexible staffing on jobs
  • Expertise on more product lines/3rd party applications
  • Improved financial resources (if the M&A strategy is done well!)

Sage certainly appears not to be discouraging growth through M&A, but it wants to make sure the BP community knows the rules of the game.

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