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Sage HRMS, Sage 300, and My Workforce Analyzer—Analysis Setup

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With My Workforce Analyzer, you can analyze your employee hours to determine if you qualify as a large employer, determine coverage affordability, explore the pay-or-play decision, examine employee time required to monitor and manage part-time and full-time eligibility, and generate the reports mandated by the IRS. All of this is delivered as a module within your Sage HRMS.


My Workforce Analyzer Analysis:

  1. Optional and not required for ACA reporting.



My Workforce Analyzer Forms

  1. Open the Forms screen 

○ Used to create ACA forms

• 1094-C: Transmittal of Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage Information Returns

• 1095-C: Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage



2. Select Form Year and Employer



3. Click Next

4. 1095-C Defaults – Step 1



5. Click Next

6. 1095-C Defaults – Step 2



7. Click Next

8. 1095-C Defaults – Step 3



9. Click Next

10. Covered Individuals



11. Click Next

12. Summary



13. Click Finish

14. 1094-C Part I

○ Note: Verify that Employer EIN field is completed



15. 1094-C Part II



16. 1094-C Part III



17. 1094-C Part IV



18. 1095-C Part I



19. 1095-C Part II



20. 1095-C Part III



21. Click Save



22. Edit, Import, Print/File or Delete forms

23. Complete


Notes / Comments

  • For use with SAMINC – MWA 2016 Database Load
  • Note: You must have an Aatrix account setup to be able to process / print the ACA reporting forms.
    • Open Aatrix eFile Center from Sage Help Menu


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