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Streamline Warehousing and Distribution Woes with Acumatica and Sage 300

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Do you ever feel like you are a day late and a dollar short?  Many manufacturers feel this way with their warehouse and distribution operations.  You need the product today, but it wasn’t in the warehouse. You are often late in making shipments. Perhaps you find that you aren’t meeting your margins. There is new technology out there can solve many of these concerns.  With Sage 300 and Acumatica inventory software, you can manage all of your warehousing and distribution needs.

Real-Time information Is Key

Having accurate information from all points of the supply chain can provide timely data for decision-making. Managing costs, reducing downtime and inventory excess, as well as demand forecasting, requires access to data from throughout the entire supply chain. Without it, you may miss something important, leading to bad forecasts and poor judgment.

Real-time visibility, along with collaboration from all points of the supply chain, provides you with the information that you need to stay on top of the daily changes in your business. Information is power, and with the right system at work for your manufacturing operation, you can use that power to grow your revenues.

Better Business Decisions Made Easy

Data, not guesswork, undergirds important business decisions. When your entire supply chain receives real-time data, you’ve got the information you need that eliminates guesswork.

Better business decisions are based on accurate, timely data. With such data, you can:

  • Manage inventory better
  • Optimize turns
  • Reduce overhead
  • Control the order process
  • Communicate order status
  • Procure materials quickly
  • Reduce excess production and related costs
  • Identify and correct inefficiencies
  • Improve staffing by moving workers to key demand spots

All of these benefits are like separate roads leading to one goal: revenue growth.  By reducing costs, selling more, and better managing inventory and shipments, you’ll improve inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer satisfaction. This can lead to repeat business, lowered costs and higher profits. It’s a winning proposition.

Help Your Managers with the Right Data

Data by itself, however, is just raw information. It requires interpretation and evaluation before action can be taken. First you need to get that information into the hands of the right people in your organization. Managers who are empowered with data can act quickly and make decisions that can positively impact operations and productivity.

Managing with Confidence

Another benefit from investing in new supply chain management and ERP software is the ability to manage and respond to potential problems with confidence. Recall notice? Not a problem. A centralized system can alert all parts of the supply chain that products must be pulled from inventory and replaced. The same with issues such as product defects, mistakes in packaging, and other typical manufacturing problems.

It’s not whether or not problems will occur, it’s how you handle them when they do occur. But you can’t handle what you don’t know. With the right software communicating throughout your supply chain to managers and other key employees, you can both manage and respond to problems swiftly and efficiently.

Learn More About How Acumatica and Sage 300 Can Improve Supply Chain Management

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