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The Advantage of True ERP Integration

in: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

ERP IntegrationExploring the Benefits of a  Single Database for Inventory

Unlike other inventory management systems that merely interface their database with an ERP solution, ACCU-DART integrates directly with the ERP system. Why Integrate?

No Redundant Data

Whenever you have multiple databases storing information you face the possibility of having to reconcile data. What do you do when the Warehouse Management System (WMS) says you have 14 on-hand, while your ERP system says you only have 12? Which is right? Are people in the organization making decisions based on the wrong data? ACCU-DART updates inventory information directly into the ERP system. As the warehouse staff process transactions, ACCU-DART validates and updates the ERP system in real-time. In this instance, if your ERP system says you have 12 on-hand, you can be assured that there are in fact 12 items on-hand. With no second set of data to reconcile, everyone has access to the most accurate information.

Buy Only the Modules You Need

WMS systems that employ a separate database often require you to process all your inventory transactions through their system. You therefore need to purchase a package with all the functionality – whether you need it or not. By integrating directly with your ERP data, ACCU-DART can be implemented on a mix and match basis. For example, you can use ACCU-DART to ship inventory and use your ERP system to receive inventory. You could even ship some orders using scanners and other orders using the ERP system. Because we are using your ERP data, ACCU-DART doesn’t care how the data was updated. You can add modules as needed.

Simple Interface = Comfort

Systems that use separate databases generally require you to learn a whole new system in order to maintain your inventory. Because ACCU-DART runs within your existing ERP solution, you and your staff do not have to learn new interfaces, data structures, or reporting. You continue to leverage your investment in your ERP expertise, while benefitting from the improved efficiency of inventory management.

Why waste time learning a new system or reconciling disparate systems? Why pay for modules that you don’t really need? Use ACCU-DART!

Learn more by downloading this white paper, Accu-Dart – How Inventory Control Can Benefit Your Business.

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