The Best Home Healthcare Software for Accounting Needs

The best home healthcare software for accounting purposes will greatly simplify and streamline your agency.

How much time do you spend on your accounting each month? According to SCORE, 40% of small business owners typically spend 80 or more hours a year on accounting tasks. Unless you run a specialized accounting agency for home healthcare needs, crunching numbers each month is not why you got into this business in the first place.

No, you want to spend more time helping people—helping the patients you serve and the people who work for you. You want to run a thriving, growing agency that provides valuable community services. You need an accounting software package for your home healthcare agency that saves you time and doesn’t cost a fortune. It must be simple so that it’s easy to use, secure, and accurate.

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Compare Your Current and Future Needs

What are your immediate needs for accounting software? If you’re still running spreadsheets, you need a system that enables you to automate billing, client records, calculate staffing time, and more. You also need to track invoices, reconcile bank accounts and credit card statements, and maintain accurate and timely reports.

Many software packages for home healthcare agencies include accounting features. Consider both what you need today and what you might need in the near and far future. As your agency grows, you may need more payroll reporting functions, for example, than what you have now.

Looking ahead can be difficult. After all, the future is uncertain. But, you have a good idea of your market and the demand for your agency’s services.

Cloud-based accounting systems for home healthcare agencies allow you to expand as your agency expands and easily add additional licenses for new staff. They also provide flexible storage so that if your data needs increase, you can easily add more room to your system for storage.

Consider having any cloud software provider sign an addendum to maintain security standards according to the HIPAA privacy rules to protect both your agency and your clients’ privacy. It’s a little extra step that may be very useful later on.

Best Home Healthcare Software for Accounting: An Integrated System

The right software puts your mind at ease. You’re prepared for anything, including an audit, and your books will be accurate and up to date.

Consider adding an integrated system to your agency. It’s probably the best home healthcare software that includes accounting functions as well as other core business needs.

An integrated system not only helps you track revenues and payables, but it also synchronizes with other information in your company. You can enter a client’s name and address in one place for your mailing list and have it flow through the software to an area that tracks staffing time so that billable hours are linked to the client account. You can then use your accounting system to send invoices, complete payroll functions, and more.

Some of the functions found in an integrated system include:

  • Accounting, including basic payables, receivables, banking, and credit card tracking
  • Payroll with hourly tracking functions to bill the appropriate hours to the right client
  • Client history and contact information with links to additional contact information for family members
  • Scans of documents that people have signed, such as privacy statements and release statements
  • Marketing systems that enable you to send newsletter and other marketing information to people
  • Data collection and reports that help you gain insights into your agency’s performance

You can also purchase software for each of these functions, but be sure that each software integrates with existing software at your agency or new software that you purchase. If it does not integrate easily, you will need to hire a programmer to build custom integrations. This can add time and costs to software enhancements.

The Bottom Line: Get the Best Home Healthcare Software

If it’s time to look into new accounting software, the best home healthcare software is just a phone call away. Mindover offers accounting software as well as integrated software for home healthcare agencies that support your unique industry needs. For more information, please contact us or call 512-990-3994.

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