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The Latest Software as a Service With Cloud-Based ERP Trends

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The latest software as a service (SaaS) and cloud-based ERP trends include bits and pieces of the significant tech trends of our time: blockchain, VR, microservices, augmented analytics, IoT, AI, and more. Unlike years past, when a box arrived with multiple disks containing your updates, now cloud-based ERP updates happen online when you log in. Although it takes away the fun of the “box of chocolates” model (where you never knew which update was coming until the new disk arrived), these trends keep your software up to date and cutting-edge.

Emerging Technologies Become Part of the Platform (Platform-itization)

One of the latest trends is cloud-based ERP providers enabling and testing new features with each release. By adding bits and pieces of the latest technologies to their existing platform, they can test which features customers like and which can be retired.

Acumatica, for example, is a cloud-based ERP that takes customer testing seriously. The company is famous for its attention to customer feedback and folding that feedback into planned new releases. If you’re looking for software as a service and great ERP, Acumatica may be the right choice.

What These Updates Mean for Your Business

It’s all well and good to talk about trends and how great they are but what’s most important is how it impacts your business. Let’s take a look at one popular trend, blockchain, as an example. How does the inclusion of this new trend into your business help?

Blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) means that an external service provider has set up all the required blockchain technology and infrastructure for a customer for a specified fee. This fee ensures that the BaaS provider will set up and maintain blockchain connected nodes on the customer’s behalf, handling the complicated back-end, so the customer doesn’t have to.

Establishing a blockchain takes time, effort, and knowledge. It’s neither simple nor easy. It’s doable, of course—with the right amount of time, money, and expertise, you can get a blockchain launched within several weeks.

But with BaaS, small businesses who might not have the technology or infrastructure necessary on their own can get cloud-based solutions for building, hosting, and using their blockchain apps. If they deem blockchain useful to their customers, they can add it to their projects. Offering blockchain as a service makes blockchain adoption easier across businesses.

BaaS essentially “outsources” the technically complex work so that businesses can focus on their core activities. For something like the internet of things (IoT), turning IoT into a service (IoTaaS) —lowers the barrier of entry to deploying IoT solutions.

Call It aaS Models

“As a service” (aaS) models have become increasingly more prevalent in today’s commoditized IT world. They keep the essential things running. With more businesses using aaS models, companies can outsource the development and upkeep of technologies to specialist firms.

Second—and probably more important—is that aaS enables the rapid innovation, configuration, design, and integration of smart products with enterprise-grade systems and applications. This reduces the go-to-market cycle for the product manufacturer and increases the speed of innovation. As always, anytime you can shorten the production cycle for new products, you add a competitive edge for small businesses.

Get Ready for aaS Platforms

Cloud computing has become a norm for many businesses, with cloud-based ERP the standard by which many manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, and other types of companies operate. Leading cloud ERP provider Acumatica empowers small and mid-sized organizations to expand business and support continued growth, all without sustaining overlarge operating fees. Using SaaS-based ERP systems, businesses are set with the latest productivity tools to modernize and advance their solutions without needing to add programmers or specialized technology.

If you are ready to add SaaS cloud-based ERP, contact Mindover Software. Acumatica cloud ERP offers an excellent and well-tested product that includes many of the latest features requested by companies.

Learn more about Acumatica ERP and other software for productivity from Mindover. Mindover Software provides ERP and other systems for manufacturing, warehouse management, and more. Please contact us today for more information or call 512-990-3994.