Time to Look for Better Business Software?

The new year is an opportune time to look at replacing your business software. Unfortunately, this task may be easier said than done. With thousands of QuickBooks replacement reviews at the click of a button, knowing the truth can be challenging.  We found a breakdown of the most popular QuickBooks replacement alternatives based on actual user reviews. These users considered over 500 product options before formulating their opinions.  One piece of information that caught our attention was that one of the top three ERP systems buyers considered when they were ready to move beyond QuickBooks was Sage 300.  Now this may not excite you yet, but continue reading to see why making a move might be right for your company.

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Benefits of Changing Software

QuickBooks has long been the industry standard for small business accounting. However, when your company is experiencing growing pains such as duplicate data entry, storing data in different systems, exhausting report building processes, just to name a few, it is time to think about streamlining and upgrading. QuickBooks may be comfortable, and all that your company has known, but when you look at what you may be missing it’s easier to think of making a change.  Here are just a few of the reasons some companies are switching:

  1. Reporting that’s customizable
  2. Stronger security
  3. Larger files
  4. Multiple users operating at the same time
  5. Software that is scalable and can grow as you grow
  6. Better support

We are not saying that QuickBooks is a bad product. In fact, some say no other business software has offered as much value to so many small businesses at such a low price as QuickBooks has.  It just means it’s time for a change to grow as your business does.

Software that Grows as You Grow

If you’ve outgrown QuickBooks, take advantage of the freedom to do ERP your way. Designed from the ground up to meet the demanding needs of diverse business environments, Sage ERP gives you unprecedented flexibility to select from three powerful editions (Standard, Advanced, or Premium), a robust suite of modules, comprehensive customization and scalability, and instant, seamless integration to a full set of end-to-end business management software applications.  This software can take you to the next level.

Sage ERP provides great accounting and business management solutions to replace QuickBooks. This software has multiple choices, including Sage 100 and Sage 300, just to name a couple. Sage also has a history of proven results and user satisfaction. Because of its expansive functionality, Sage 300 is most popular across a wide variety of businesses. One of the main reasons for switching to Sage ERP is that Sage is devoted to making changes to the software to keep up with the times. There is no need to constantly switch software as you outgrow it. Sage listens and updates the software when it is needed and asked for.

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