Webstore Software for Accpac Users Adds Marketing ROI Analytics


We all expect an eCommerce solution to have certain basics – a webstore, payment processing, integration with the ERP system and automated order taker. But it is also a representation of the business on the web. A showcase for the world to see. A valuable marketing tool.

North49 Webtelligence now incorporates functionality to assist the business in marketing and sales efforts. Not only does it have full Google Analytics (old and new) integration to monitor activity on the site, it also allows the business to set up campaigns and promotions to monitor marketing results.

Let’s assume you would like to monitor the effectiveness of a certain radio ad campaign vs a similar campaign in a local news print. We have all heard or seen the ads with some special offer – “just enter promo code 123” and you will receive a free widget/free shipping/amazing discount. The radio ad mentions promo code “123” and the print ad asks you to enter code “ABC”.

Webtelligence web store treats this as a campaign with two promotions. It will track and record the promotion codes entered and feed this back to your ERP system with each order placed (in optional fields). A simple report in the Order Entry module will now tell you not only the volume of orders generated by each ad but also the total value and average value per order. In other words – marketing value per dollar spent. That’s the Holy Grail of marketing analytics!


For a link to Webtelligence, please click the link below:


If you would like to see how Webtelligence could work for your company, please call Mindover Software at 512-990-3994.


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