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Why Acumatica Cloud ERP Makes Sense for Small Businesses

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ERP software has traditionally been seen as the solution for big businesses. Due in part to its high cost and complex nature, many small businesses had no way of obtaining the benefits ERP offered. As the technology evolved, however, ERP made its way into the hands of small and mid-sized businesses, helping them transform their processes, cut down on operating costs, and improve efficiency. The emergence of the Cloud has contributed greatly to this transition, making ERP much more affordable and flexible in the minds of small businesses.

Cloud ERP software, such as Acumatica Cloud ERP, has transformed the way businesses interact with their data and ERP software solutions. The Cloud provides anywhere access, allowing business executives and managers to access crucial information and reports wherever they are located. Solutions such as Acumatica provide small businesses with the flexibility they never had and make the transition to mobile much easier. Employees can access the ERP software on their smartphones, tablets or personal computers, contributing to the rise in productivity and eliminating the information gap that is so common within smaller companies.

We believe Acumatica Cloud ERP can help your business reach its true potential. If you are wondering if the Cloud is for you, take a look at the top benefits our customers are experiencing after implementing Acumatica’s Cloud ERP solution:

1. It is Affordable

Let’s face it. In this economy, many companies have to cut back on certain areas of their budget and re-evaluate their spending. Because smaller businesses have more limited funds than larger businesses, software investment is generally the first area to be cut. In the past, the cost of implementing and maintaining on-premise ERP software has far outweighed the benefits of investing in ERP software.

With cloud technology, companies can skip the up-front costs of on-premise ERP software and invest directly in the software. Acumatica Cloud ERP eliminates the complicated and expensive implementation process and provides companies with the business-critical software they truly want.

2. It Can be Deployed Faster than Traditional Software

As competition continues to increase among businesses, smaller companies feel the need to become as profitable as possible, as quickly as possible. In order to make ERP software a worthy investment, companies need to see the ROI upfront. Acumatica Cloud ERP can be deployed quickly, allowing companies to start reaping the benefits of the software almost immediately.

3. It is the Perfect Disaster Recovery Solution

Disaster recovery plans are crucial to the success of any business, large or small. Natural disasters and security breaches can wreak havoc on smaller companies that do not have a proper disaster recovery plan in place. Because they cannot afford the downtime that a disaster will bring, smaller companies will benefit greatly from Cloud-hosted ERP software.

Unlike on-site ERP software, Acumatica Cloud ERP is safe from potential disruptions that can harm or destroy important company files. If an issue occurs on-site, companies can still access their mission-critical data because it is stored off-site and accessible via the Internet. ERP in the Cloud also makes it easier for companies to get up and running quickly since disaster recovery services are included with regular software backups. Acumatica will enable companies to recover their data more quickly than they could in a physical, off-site database.

Smaller companies that are looking to compete with larger enterprises are encouraged to adopt Cloud computing to improve their ERP software deployments. Not only is the Cloud the smarter choice in terms of cost, but as the companies grows, cloud-hosted ERP software will grow with it. Contact us today to learn more about how Acumatica Cloud ERP makes sense for your small business.