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Why SageCRM Will Revolutionize QuickBooks

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In the past, SageCRM has only been available for integration to advanced accounting software like Sage Accpac ERP and MAS 90. Now, however, SageCRM is available for any business that runs on QuickBooks. SageCRM dramatically speeds the sales order process by accessing real-time customer information from the field or the office. You’re guaranteed faster customer response times and more accurate information shared between accounting, sales and customer service.


SageCRM generates more money than it costs. Don’t believe it? Ask any customer that uses SageCRM to run their sales, customer service and order entry to explain. The ability to push customer orders from CRM into QuickBooks by way of the Internet no matter where you happen to be (airport, customer site, home, you name it!) gives you an definite edge in today’s race for new business.

Companies that use SageCRM with QuickBooks can expect to:


Ø      Improve cash flow from online order entry, invoicing, and payment status

Ø      Perform real-time business reporting to improve timely decision-making

Ø      Integrate sales and back office software functions for faster sales cycles

Ø      Improve accuracy of customer data between accounting and sales