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Achieve Seamless Multi-Modal Manufacturing with Acumatica

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In recent years, many manufacturers have become interested in implementing a multi-modal approach to their business. If you share this interest, then you may be asking questions about how your ERP would handle such an approach. Do you need more than one ERP? Can your existing system handle the transition and complexity of multi-modal manufacturing? We’ve got good news: Acumatica Manufacturing can easily support multi-modal manufacturing, keeping all your data within one flexible, modern system.

What is Multi-Modal Manufacturing?

Multi-Modal Manufacturing

There are a few main ways manufacturing companies create components or finished goods. Make-to-stock and make-to-order manufacturers often use a V-model process, in which multiple inputs (raw materials) result in a single output. Remanufacturers and batch process manufacturers, on the other hand, often use an A-model process, in which one input is transformed into multiple finished products.

A multi-modal approach to manufacturing is one in which a company adjusts to changing demand and switches between these two models. Multi-modal manufacturers produce either multiple finished goods or a single finished good (according to one model or the other) according to what their customers need at that time.

Can My ERP Handle It?

Multi-modal manufacturing can result in more efficient production, reductions in cost, and flexibility to respond to consumer demand. However, such a complicated approach can sometimes introduce difficulties into your technology solutions.

Most older ERPs can only handle a monolithic manufacturing approach. Because they are only set up for one manufacturing method, any changes you make in the system will apply universally. Trying to use a legacy ERP with multi-modal manufacturing will often lead to a chaotic, disconnected system—the opposite of what an ERP should be!

Thankfully, modern manufacturing ERPs like Acumatica Manufacturing have kept up with the innovations in the industry. Modern ERPs can track multiple modalities, allowing you to adjust multiple processes independently. Through add-ons and integrations, modern ERPs can become even more connected and helpful to your business. The flexibility of these new ERPs allows manufacturers to expand beyond production silos and embrace the diversified approach of multi-modal manufacturing.

Acumatica: A Future Proof Manufacturing Platform

Acumatica Manufacturing provides a single-view platform along with adaptors and connectors that integrate with your e-commerce system. Acumatica Manufacturing also includes a robust inventory management system with native warehouse applications. Make-to-order manufacturers will benefit from embedded apps for product configuration and engineering change control.

Best of all, Acumatica is a future proof platform, meaning that it easily adapts to changing technology demands like the move towards multi-modal manufacturing. As new technologies have emerged, Acumatica has incorporated them into its platform, adding convenience, functionality, and time-saving benefits. Acumatica will continue to adapt to the newest technology, protecting your investment and positioning you well for future growth.

In addition to its manufacturing features, Acumatica also includes customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, powerful business applications, and financial management tools. Acumatica Manufacturing is truly a “must have” for companies interested in multi-modal manufacturing.

Free e-Book: How to Support Multi-Modal Manufacturing with Acumatica

Are you interested in learning more about how Acumatica can support multi-modal manufacturing? Read more with Acumatica’s free e-Book: How to Support Multi-Modal Manufacturing with Acumatica. After that, learn how Mindover can help you grow your business by providing proven software solutions like Acumatica Manufacturing along with tailored services just for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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