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CRM Solutions

Are you looking for a better way to organize and access your sales, marketing and customer care activities?

If so, you may be a good candidate for a customer relationship management solution, often referred to as CRM.

CRM solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of whether you want a hosted (Cloud-based) or on-site deployment, Mindover Software can custom tailor a solution to meet your exact needs. Platform flexibility gives you the freedom to choose the most effective and economical way to grow your business and meet your evolving needs. Accessible via a web browser from anywhere anytime, your customer-facing employees can have easy access to vital client-focused information, allowing them to provide more personalized service to help build customer loyalty.

Sales Force Automation

From initial leads and outbound call scheduling to quote creation and forecasting, CRM will manage the full sales cycle the way you do business. New opportunities can be easily created and assigned to sales staff or teams, and sales pipeline tools allow management to monitor the sales activity of individuals and teams.

Marketing Automation

Use marketing automation in CRM to execute highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. CRM enables you to plan and budget for future marketing activities, then helps guide you through the execution each step of the way. Any sales opportunities arising from marketing events can be tied back to specific campaigns to measure performance and discover ways to make future improvements.

Customer Care Automation

Companies that create strong customer loyalty often do so because they have effective customer care programs. A CRM solution from Mind Over Software can help drive customer loyalty by providing incident tracking, case management and workflow management. The knowledge base repository allows for a consistent level of service across your enterprise.

And today, companies all over Texas, California, Connecticut, and Idaho are turning to Mindover Software to provide them with a world-class CRM software solution. No matter where you are located, Mindover Software has the right CRM solution to meet your needs.

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