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Acumatica Cloud ERP now Integrates with Advanced EDI

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Electronic data interchange (EDI) is an electronic communication system that provides standards for exchanging data via any electronic means. Essentially, it is the computer-to-computer exchange between business partners of business documents in an electronic format. Acumatica is the only secure, cloud and browser-based SMB enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution that adapts to your business. Acumatica is designed to let you enjoy the benefits of the cloud with none of the drawbacks. Acumatica is a comprehensive solution with vast capabilities in its Financial Management, Distribution Management, CRM, and Project Accounting suites and is highly configurable.

These two blend together through the EDI-integrated suite for Acumatica which is a fully-hosted and seamless solution that truly achieves optimization of business practices. It comes equipped with validation, automation, and reporting capabilities designed with Acumatica users in mind. Embedded functionalities and data integration allow EDI activities to be executed within the native end-user environment of Acumatica. Not only that, but standard Acumatica error notifications are employed which means seamless management is achieved by exception best practices.

As a potential or current user of Acumatica, it is important to understand that this advanced EDI solution for Acumatica Cloud ERP eliminates any need for manual intervention. This is done by fully integrating and reconciling a user’s sales, invoicing, production, scheduling, and shipping data. Because the comprehensive EDI data integrates with all of Acumatica’s parent companies, divisions, and affiliates; there is improved collaboration, visibility, and optimization of processes in the supply chain. Communication and interaction between organizations is therefore transformed, and a tangible return on investment (ROI) is promoted.

Acumatica users can now implement an EDI program with their suppliers in a cost-effective way. This is possible because of capabilities that allow for both customer and supplier-facing EDI. Private network transmissions can combine with vendor web portals.

In addition to the above explanation of what is included and how advanced EDI for Acumatica works, here is a list of the many benefits of it:

–       True supply chain collaboration including up-to-the-minute information

–       Eliminated need to manually track

–       Accurate and fast delivery of goods

–       Inventory optimization

–       Logistical cost decreases

–       Easy and rapid addition of new business partners

–       Scalable solution capable of handling increased transactional volume

–       Automated business processes that drastically reduce errors

–       Quick and efficient transaction processing

–       Shorter delays in fulfilling orders mean customer service is enhanced

–       Less errors on the end of the administrator

–       Increased visibility into and connections to the business community

–       Thorough tracking of all EDI transactions

–       Optimal efficiency of internal operations

–       Competitive positioning improvements

For those who already use Acumatica, here are some tangible benefits you are likely to experience from using advanced EDI as well:

–       Customer EDI requirements are met

–       Trading costs are significantly reduced

–       Data entry is automatic and not manual

–       Short-term return on investment likely

–       Allows you to make use of an integrated solution to your computing environment

–       Solution that is both a customized and scalable one

–       Data synchronization to its full extent

–       Fully hosted and managed EDI

–       Acumatica user environment is embedded

–       Overarching and complete supply chain efficiency

–       Maximum possible agility

–       Thorough scalability

–       Aggressive return on investment possible

As a customer and supplier-facing EDI that allows for full data integration in a single environment, you can’t go wrong with advanced EDI for Acumatica. If you are not currently an Acumatica user but would like to be, consider exploring this solution further. If you would like to learn more about incorporating EDI into your existing Acumatica Cloud ERP software, contact us here at Mindover Software. For more overall and general information on Acumatica, visit here.