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Acumatica ERP Makes Extending Functionality Easy

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Acumatica ERP

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) system offers powerful support for finance, accounting, and operations, but even the best ERP may lack specific features a business needs. As one of the top ERPs for small to mid-sized businesses, Acumatica includes many robust features, and offers many modules to build flexibility into its system so that no matter what a business needs, it can find a resource from within Acumatica or its partner network that fits the bill.

Whether you need to add an Acumatica module or a third-party extension, Acumatica can be customized to suit your business needs. Here’s a rundown of several major categories of extensions that can enhance operations, finance, accounting, and more.

Finance Extensions to Improve Money Management

The following list of finance extensions can help you improve financial management through Acumatica.

  • Bank feed software: Do you need your ERP to directly interface with multiple banks? With over 14,000 banks worldwide, each with its own set of regulations (and country regulations), managing them individually can be a nightmare. Fortunately, bank feed software enables you to directly connect Acumatica through APIs to the institution of your choice.
  • Payroll management: Managing payroll can be tricky, especially if you have employees in multiple states, countries, and tax jurisdictions. Acumatica’s own payroll module enables you to set up, manage, and report payroll. You can set up employee classes, update tax rates, track overtime and benefits, and more.
  • Project accounting: Construction and similar industries often need project-based accounting that can track labor, equipment, and materials costs by project or job. Acumatica Project Accounting enables complete transparency and visibility with accurate tracking.
  • Fixed Asset Management: Gain complete visibility into all of your company’s fixed assets. Track and monitor them, and maintain depreciation schedules and calculations, all within this handy module.

Acumatica CRM: Marketing and Communications

Other categories where an add-on may be appropriate to extend the base functionality of an ERP are in sales, marketing, and communications. With the ever-increasing number and type of communication channels available to customers, monitoring them all and tracking communications in a central location is essential to provide good customer service.

Acumatica CRM enables you to add customer relationship management to your base ERP. This means that customer account information and communications can be centralized. Sales, marketing, service, and operations can review the same information and provide consistent responses to customer inquiries. Such complete visibility ensures that no matter who is responding to a customer, they’re giving them the same answer—and great service.

Acumatica Gmail and Outlook Integrations Enhance Communications

Nearly every business uses Gmail or Outlook for email communications. Acumatica’s integrations with these popular email tools help employees communicate more easily with each other. They also allow users to create service and sales orders, contacts, contact classes, opportunities, and leads directly in their accounts and synchronize them with Acumatica.

Amazing Reporting and Analytics

Acumatica offers a good suite of reporting tools. But what if you need more? Perhaps you’re presenting data to a board of directors or giving a public presentation and need specific reports. Or you need something with great visual appeal.

Velixo reporting, planning, and analysis is an Excel integration tool that allows you to easily pull data from Acumatica into Excel. It’s a great add-on if you’re comfortable creating graphs and charts in Excel.

For additional visual appeal, DataSelf provides exceptional analytical insight and a big-picture view. You can use it for trend analysis, predictive forecasting, and cross module analysis. It comes with a library and toolkit to build reports, making it easier to create exactly the business intelligence tools you need.

Acumatica: Built with the Flexibility You Need

Businesses change over time. As they do, they often need new tools and resources. With Acumatica, it’s easy to add new modules or extensions that help you get the job done right. Acumatica is built with the flexibility businesses need to stay competitive.

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