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Distributors Guide to Improving Profits

Distributors Who Aren’t Experiencing Expected Revenue Growth 

A common problem experienced by distribution companies is that they aren’t experiencing revenue growth comparable to other companies in their industry. They don’t know which products to sell and which ones to drop for the best bottom line results.

When your company isn’t growing, other manufacturers and distributors naturally target your company to sell their products. Not all numbers captured by gross profit tell you what your best-selling products are for optimum ROI. Distributors dangle a carrot saying if you distribute their product, they’ll give you something (higher margin, longer time to pay, special terms, etc.), but you have limited space in your warehouse and how do you determine if this is really a good deal for your company.

What’s the solution?

Create KPIs across diverse inventory lines to provide product managers with high-level information and the ability to drill into the details, so you know which products to keep and which to drop. With this detailed level of reporting, your company will be able to see trends in your data to know how fast product is turning and which “special deals” will actually bring in the best profits.

Top Distribution Challenges Solved

Find out how better reporting improved product revenue, and learn other ways these distributors increased ROI and profits with this free guide.

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