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Finding Records with Sage 300 ERP

in: Sage 300 ERP

Finding records in Sage 300 ERP is simple, but there are some tricks that can get you to what you need faster and with less keystrokes. In this example, we’ll look at how to best find a customer.

Customer Window

Click on the finder icon or the F5 key as a shortcut.  You can even start typing the customer number if you know part of it before hitting F5 and that will bring you directly to the records close to what you are looking for.

Sage 300

Once you have the finder open, click the “find by” dropdown:

Sage 300

You can switch this to whatever parameter you would like to search for. If what you want is not there, click on the settings menu and then columns.

Sage 300

The right hand side represents fields available for you to find on. If you would like to find using another field, you can choose to include any of the fields on the left by selecting them and clicking the “include” button. You can also change the order those findable fields appear by clicking the up and down arrows on the right. Note the preferences you choose here are specific to your own user id, so other users can have completely different preferences.