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More Document Management for ERP Software Considerations

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Over the past month, we have dug deeply into document management solutions that integrate into your company’s ERP software or Sage software. We’ve explored how these applications work and integrate with Sage 300 ERP in addition to what highlights they have to offer. We’ve discovered reasons why document management is heating up in terms of popularity and interest within the business world. Last week, we took a look at considerations you need to make when exploring all of the document management solutions that are available to find the best fit for your business and the necessary functionalities needed in the system to help you choose which one to use. To review the considerations we have covered so far, visit here.

This week, let’s take a look at more considerations and questions you’ll need to ask during the exploratory stage of choosing the document management solution for your Sage software that has what you need. Just like last week, the considerations will help you decipher the breadth of functionality and growth potential you need among a myriad of differentiated options of solutions that exist, could save you from incurring costly surprises, and can help ensure you make a smooth transition to a streamlined and paperless office.

Noteworthy Considerations in the Process of Selecting Document Management Solutions that Align with your ERP Software:

1.     Tight security? Data security is a must. Threats to your company integrity and the value of your most important information are serious. They can come from outside competition and identity thieves or from inside disgruntled employees or employee theft. Luckily, document management systems can provide multiple security layers. Look for such a solution that offers multiple levels of password-protected access for groups and individuals all the way down to a property level. Also, look for one with audit trails that show who and when documents have been accessed and what information has been updated within the documents.

2.     Organizational self-sufficiency achievable? It’s important to insist on finding a solution that will allow your organization to be self-sufficient in using the document management solution. This means being less reliant on the solution provider and having the ability to control change management so that you can introduce procedural changes in steps or phases. This calls for greater modularity and scalability. In addition, you will want your IT staff to be able to configure and maintain the system instead of relying solely on the vendor to do this. Finally, this means finding a solution that is configured instead of customized so changes can be made independently instead of through reliance on a software programmer to write code that is needed in order to make changes.

3.     Self-paced migration? Although your ultimate goal is likely to have a comprehensive document management system that is used throughout the company, you’ll likely want to start by implementing a solution for one application and in one department initially. Tackling one thing at a time makes installation less disruptive and less expensive which will increase management support for the new project. You can always come back later and expand the solution to multiple departments or processes in the months and years that follow the initial implementation. Be sure you find a solution that allows for this flexibility with timing and implementation so the pace matches the comfort level and needs of your specific organization.

Contact Mindover Software to find out more about our document management solution offerings that integrate with ERP software and to get help in selecting, implementing, and using the one that is right for you. Document management can truly take your office efficiency and business processes to a whole new level of streamlining and fulfill the dream of being truly paperless as a company.

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