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Noteworthy Considerations Regarding Document Management for ERP Software

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There are so many reasons the popularity of and interest in document management solutions for ERP software have been heating up lately in the business world. To learn more about these reasons, visit here. If you, too, are now interested in incorporating one such solution into your business but have little prior knowledge or past experience, you’ll need to make some key and noteworthy considerations as you start the process of going paperless. These will help you in determining the best fit in a solution based on your particular company needs even when you may not know what questions to ask to get what is best for you.

The following considerations will help you know what to look for and what to ask as you search for the best document management solution that aligns with your existing Sage software or ERP software solution. They will help you decipher the breadth of functionality and growth potential you need among a myriad of differentiated options of document management solutions that exist. These considerations will ultimately help you to make the most appropriate decision without incurring costly surprises and can help ensure you make a smooth transition to a streamlined and paperless environment.

Noteworthy Considerations in the Process of Selecting Document Management Solutions that Align with your ERP Software:

 1.     Full Integration? A document management solution that fully integrates with your ERP software will typically provide the greatest productivity gains and strongest return on investment. Look for solutions that automatically index documents with data from the accounting application and keep the document management system and accounting application synchronized with automatic updates and modifications taking place across the board. Automatic integration across the entire data entry process that moves from workflow to workflow is necessary. Manual indexing solutions are not a great choice because they prevent streamlining produce less immediate visibility.

2.     Accounting application integrity respected? Document management solutions should never try to replace or modify your existing ERP or Sage software accounting application functionality. It should not circumvent the rules of the accounting application, and if it does, this is a big red flag and warning to avoid this type of document management solution. Instead, document management solutions should simply streamline processes and provide an ease of access to documents.

3.     Extensibility and scalability? This pertains to expanding a document management solution from one department within a company to others. This often occurs in a series of steps or phases so personnel can familiarize themselves with the solution before expanding it out to other processes and personnel. This ability to grow with company needs is an important feature needed in a document management solution. In terms of extensibility and scalability, consider there four areas: architecture, configurability, scalability, and modularity. Here’s what these areas mean. The system should store documents in their original formats and run on a range of hardware. The system should configure in order to match your business processes and integrate into the system application you use today. The system should be able to grow in both number of users it can support and quantity of documents it can handle. Finally, they system should be able to provide you with the functionality you currently need and the ability to expand and add more functionality as you grow the use of the system.

Contact us here at Mindover Software to learn more about a document management solution we offer, Doc-Link for Sage 300 ERP, that is in line with the above considerations and will help your company to become truly paperless. We are here to help with the process of moving to document management software that integrates with ERP software. Stay tuned next week for a few more noteworthy considerations to make regarding document management solutions.

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