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Sage CRM – Customer Relationship Management Software

You need a customer relationship management solution that can adapt to your changing needs and grow with your business needs.

Sage CRM is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses like yours. It is easy to use, adapt, configure, learn, and manage for companies that want to focus on their business, not on their software. And critically, it’s affordable, offering you the best possible value.

Available on-premise or in the cloud, Sage CRM provides the tools to quickly automate business activity workflows. When integrating with Sage ERP, you can enjoy more business insights, greater efficiencies, and a single, customer-centric view across the entire business.

See why over 15,000 organizations worldwide use award-winning Sage CRM to make every business interaction count. View the Sage CRM product brochure.


Accelerated sales

Sage CRM helps you automate your sales efforts so that no opportunity goes missed. It provides easy visibility into all current and historical account details, activities, and opportunities so you know where to focus your best sales efforts.

Point-and-click reporting and graphs offer your sales teams access to real-time data so they can analyze their sales pipeline and identify opportunities and the best next steps. The Sage CRM mobile solution provides sales teams with the ability to work effectively regardless of their location.

Targeted marketing

With Sage CRM you can create and track the success of your marketing campaigns and sales efforts. Emails and outbound calls are easily tracked and assessed with precision and ease. Sage CRM also works with key social media applications including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, helping you to reach and engage with your customers and prospects across multiple touchpoints. Using a variety of email templates, tracking and reporting capabilities, and easily customizable workflows, you can eliminate guesswork and maximize your marketing investments for better results.

Exceptional customer service

Sage CRM enables you to see a full view into your customer interactions so you can deliver an exceptional customer experience every time, regardless of your size. Quickly search and update contacts, opportunities, leads, and cases. Service teams can have more meaningful conversations with customers and be more productive, leading to increased customer satisfaction and stronger results. With Sage 100 and Sage 300 integration, you also can have access to customer interaction with multiple departments across your company.* Leverage a centralized knowledgebase and a set of powerful reporting tools to better serve your customers

*Available through Sage CRM (on-premises)

Business Visibility with Sage ERP

When you integrate Sage CRM and Sage ERP (Sage 100 and Sage 300), your business benefits from end-to-end visibility and a single view of the customer, where each department is working with and consistently communicating the same information. For example, you can see a customer’s call or payment history, order status, unresolved cases, quotes, purchases, and more. Duplication of data is eliminated, and customer activities are handled with ease and efficiency. The result is greater insights into the business performance and more efficient business processes that drive growth and increase productivity and profitability.

Easy configurability

Your company’s requirements are unique. Your business may also be challenged with a constantly changing market. To meet your unique business needs and new market demands, you need a customer relationship management solution that can offer strong flexibility and functionality to advance and improve your business activities―including sales, marketing, and customer service.

Sage CRM offers you exceptionally strong tools to manage key areas of your business with ease. Specifically, you can create software workflows and processes that automate tasks, increasing productivity quickly, and ensure that no important task gets missed. You can create personalized modules to manage events, projects, recruitment, equipment, tradeshows, and much more in just minutes. No matter what industry you operate in, Sage CRM flexes and adapts to the most unusual business environment. It is also easy to manage so you can focus on your business, not on the software.

Mobile access

Sage CRM gives businesses access to critical customer information in real time on any device, regardless of their location. Your sales and customer service teams can view and update contacts, opportunities, leads, and cases when on the road or at customer sites, helping them to become more productive and serve your customers more effectively.

By accessing Sage CRM through a mobile app on your tablet, iPhone, or Windows 8 smartphone, you can view contacts, opportunities, appointments, tasks, critical notes, and customer information―even when temporarily out of Internet coverage. Sage CRM also helps seamless track any calls and email activities where ever your business takes you.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing tools for businesses today. With minimal resource requirements, small and medium-sized companies can deliver personal, relevant, and timely email marketing communications to customers and prospects alike.

Sage E-marketing for Sage CRM gives businesses built-in email marketing within your Sage CRM, allowing you to quickly and easily build campaign lists, design effective email communications, and deliver your messages to the right people at the right time. Responses to your email campaigns can be analyzed in real time, allowing you to continuously make improvements and maximize your return on investment.

Social media engagement

Businesses can no longer ignore the enormous potential of social media for customer and prospect engagement. When you leverage the rich information available on social media channels, you can uncover more leads and better interact with your customers and prospects, boosting your overall customer experience.

Sage CRM allows you to better engage with your customers and prospects across key social channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Yammer, and Facebook. Using Sage CRM, you learn new customer insights such as their likes and dislikes, create collaborative experiences, and overall, build stronger customer relationships. Through more meaningful customer interactions and customer feedback, your company can uncover better market information to stay competitive.

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