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CISCON Services Strikes New Territory with Sage 300 ERP and Mindover Software

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CISCON Services Strikes New Territory with Sage 300 ERP and Mindover Software

“Having Mindover Software implement Service Manager, Sage FAS and re-configure our Sage 300 ERP system has significantly improved the management of our entire business,” states Ugonma Adiukwu, CFO for CISCON Services USA LLC., a worldwide service provider to the Oil and Gas and Solid Minerals industries. In addition to servicing national customers, CISCON Services boasts a wide range of international customers.

Although a young company in the United States, CISCON has been providing casing, tool repair and related general services for the oil and gas industry throughout the world since 1986. With a growing employee base of 75 and two locations in Houston and Elk City, OK, this team serves middle market companies in the oil industry. Their commitment to excellence is what drove CISCON to seek out improvements to their current Sage 300 ERP system.

Accounting Processes Come Up Dry

“When I arrived at CISCON, Sage 300 ERP, then known as Sage Accpac, was already implemented; however, it was being used purely as an accounting system,” states Ugonma. “Our goal was to reduce manual processes and get better visibility into our business by deploying Sage 300 ERP across the entire organization; therefore, I began the search for a Sage partner who could help us with this effort.”

CISCON went straight to the World Wide Web to find a Sage expert. “We were immediately drawn to Mindover Software because of their online reputation; however, it wasn’t until we found that Mindover Software was comprised of CPAs that we decided to speak with them,” recalls Ugonma. “After meeting with the Mindover Software folks, we knew they were a great fit for us as they had a deep understanding of not only Sage software but of the operational processes and business intelligence we needed to get out of our system.”

Mindover Software Uncovers a Well of Information

The implementation began with reconfiguring the Service Manager module. “We needed a way to measure our performance against other metrics. From tracking equipment and how much revenue each job brought, we needed a better understanding of the details,” states Ugonma. “After Service Manager was up and running, we were equipped with relevant data that empowered our managers and opened their eyes. We have saved countless hours because we can get clear information fast and can drill down to the data that ultimately impact our bottom line.”

“On top of the quality of information we were realizing with Service Manager, we were extremely impressed with the unique ability Mindover Software had to work in between our schedules,” states Ugonma. “There was never any down time nor was our workflow interrupted, which is a testament to a company that values superior service on all levels.”

Once CISCON saw the benefits of Service Manager, it was full steam ahead on updating the rest of their Sage 300 ERP system. “One of the benefits of having an ERP system rather than just an accounting system is the seamlessness it brings to the entire organization,” reflects Ugonma. “Our business teams are beginning to understand that the data imputed into the system is important and gives us a much bigger picture that impacts long-term decision making. One example of this is found in our repair division. What was once seen more as a cost center is now a revenue generating department because of the data we are now able to see. The impacts Service Manager has on our company are still being uncovered, and through that we are learning how we can be more profitable.”

In addition to the value found in Sage 300 ERP and Service Manager, Mindover Software implemented the Sage FAS module. Lloyd Smith, Partner at Mindover Software states, “CISCON has owned Sage FAS for a while but did not have someone that could deploy it and teach them how to use it. Once we got Sage FAS configured and empowered their team with the knowledge on how to utilize it, CISCON is able to track their fixed assets by department and get accurate depreciation values. Now, as new assets are acquired and need to be depreciated, CISCON has the tools it needs to do it themselves rather than rely on us.”

CISCON Now Running on High-Quality Data and Processes

“Mindover Software has shown us how to obtain valuable data and share it with our managers which, in turn, directs the business,” states Ugonma. “If you want a company that has an understanding of what you want to get out of your system in order to improve profitability, employee performance and many other aspects, Mindover Software is your team. They have the financial knowledge to know the information that will be most beneficial to your organization and understand how to get you to where you want to be. I would highly recommend them!”

“Overall Mindover Software stabilized our environment and is giving us the knowledge we needed to make our business more profitable,” states Ugonma. “We love working with Mindover Software and are already planning to add-on to our system to enhance our financial reporting. We are thankful we have Mindover Software to navigate these changes and are excited to get even more out of our system.”

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