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GR Energy Grows with Sage Intelligence and Mindover Software

A logo representing GR Energy Services in Gold and Blue

“We’ve been in a growth mode for the past 3 years, acquiring 3 new companies, which has expanded our operations overall. Unfortunately, our reporting was being done manually. It would take 2-3 days to get our reporting done after the books were closed which was holding us back. We knew we needed a change so we reached out to our Sage Software Partner, Mindover Software, and asked them for their recommendation. The Mindover Software team came in and talked with us about our needs. Then they recommended Sage Intelligence and after seeing all of the different capabilities it offered we knew this was the right choice. Mindover Software installed the software which was seamless. They were able to build multiple custom reports for us that gave us the data we needed within minutes. What used to take me 4-5 hours now takes a few minutes after clicking a few buttons. The software is easy to use and has allowed us to maintain our small, 3 person accounting team amidst all of our growth. We are continually impressed with Mindover Software. Their knowledge about the systems as well as our business needs is a huge value to us and we consider them to be a trusted partner on our team!”