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Mindover Software and Sage 300 Brings ERP Health to Bethany Home Healthcare

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Bethany Home Healthcare started in Fort Worth in 2002. Since then, it has grown to 16 sites in North Central, East, and Southeast Texas. Beyond providing care for the immediate health needs of their patients, they also teach them and their family caregivers about their condition and offer tools to aid recovery or manage their daily lives better. This fast-growing organization was using a small business accounting system which they quickly outgrew, leaving them in great need for a robust business accounting solution.

Small Business Accounting System Causes Growing Pains

Bethany could not get the information they needed out of their accounting system. They were constantly dealing with system crashes, which compromised peace of mind. Their payroll process for 1,000 employees took five days and a team of five people to complete.

Bethany began to research ERP systems and narrowed it down to two options. They were referred to Mindover Software from one of the two software developers because of their expertise in the healthcare industry. After meeting with the Mindover Software team, it was an easy decision to move forward with this team and their recommendation, Sage 300.

Mindover Delivers a Robust Cure

“When I joined the team at Bethany, they already had Sage 300 installed; however, it was not fully implemented,” recalls Chantal Wandick, Senior Financial Analyst, Bethany Home Healthcare. “Thank goodness Mindover Software was the ERP solution provider; they were our saving grace!”

The first order of business was to automate payroll. “We had two different payroll runs for 1,000 employees,” states Chantal. “The team at Mindover was able to work with us on developing an efficient process that was all automated in Sage 300. What used to take five people four days to complete now takes three people one and a half days to finish. That includes everything from payroll to getting checks out the door. With Sage 300 and Mindover’s help, we cut payroll costs down by almost 200%! This made a huge impact on our operating expenses and overall efficiency!”

The next step of implementation was getting the rest of the team on board with change. “Mindover was a tremendous help to us with user adoption,” states Chantal. “Change is hard. Even though we had a great system, getting the team to use it in a timely manner was not an easy task. The Mindover staff went above and beyond with time, training, and support. They provided weekly training and worked with all team members to get us up and running at every level in the organization. What I appreciated most about Mindover Software was that they knew the timeline for adopting the new system and had the ability to make that timeline a reality.”

Another manner in which Bethany benefited from a new system was in the way they paid service providers. “In the old system, we spent 1.5 days sorting and manually entering invoices into our accounting system,” stated Chantal. “With Mindover Software’s help, we were able to create automated processes in Sage 300 for sorting, batching, and automatically posting invoices, which reduced this to a 15-minute process.”

Bethany Gives Mindover Software an Excellent Bill of Health

“Overall, using Mindover Software to implement Sage 300 was one of the best decisions we made,” states Chantal. “They understand business software and helped us make decisions with compatible products to support our Sage system. Their ability to guide and restructure processes to run the way Sage was intended to run in a healthcare environment was impressive. I would highly recommend Mindover Software if you want a company that will join your organization and make your success top priority. They are a trusted partner!”

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