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Mindover Software Improves the ERP Quality of Life for Mays Housecall Home Health Group

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Mays Housecall Home Health is a comprehensive home health care agency that provides a broad range of community and home health services to persons of all ages through their 25 entities across Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas. While Mays has stayed on the cutting edge of technology to provide the best home health care to their patients, their multiple back-office systems were slowing them down causing Mays to think about getting more out of their ERP system.

Mays was using clinical software for patient care along with Sage 300 ERP and Excel to produce financial reports which was cumbersome to say the least. “With 25 entities and a complex organizational structure, we needed to fully integrate all of our systems,” comments Tim Hernandez, CFO for Mays. “We were spending too much time finding data and producing financial reports and knew there had to be a better way. Our Sage 300 system was plenty capable to handle this type of integration however we needed an expert to help us.” Mays turned to their Sage Software consultant and trusted partner, Mindover Software.”

Mindover Software recommended Renovofyi and Orchid’s Inter Entity module. After seeing a demonstration and the power these solutions offered, Mays was quickly on board. “The implementation went very smooth. Renovofyi opened up a new avenue for me to create and schedule financial reports for various stakeholders,” comments Tim. “The financial reports are easy to create and allows me to include the information pertinent for the person viewing it. On top of this, the reports are sent automatically from within Renovo based upon a schedule that I define. What used to take me a week now takes me 30 minutes not to mention the visibility it brings to the entire organization.”

Mays needed their General Ledger to be shared between their clinical software and Sage 300 ERP. Mindover Software implemented Orchid’s Inter Entity module to allow charges and payments between the member companies of the group. “The Inter Entity module has greatly reduced the amount of work required when entering bills which affect multiple companies,” comments Tim. “As an added bonus, the reconciliation of the intercompany accounts has been greatly enhanced and for the first time in a long time we are fully reconciled.”

Tim comments on Mindover Software’s expertise, “When you’re dealing with 25 entities and over 10,000 transactions a month, things can get messy. Mindover Software has been instrumental in identifying the chain of commands within our system. Although I could have done this work myself, it’s nice when a team can do it as if I were doing it. They have a deep understanding of not only the technology but our business processes which makes them a valuable asset for our company.”

Between the Inter Entity module and Renovofyi, Mays has eliminated their “out of balance” condition. Tim explains, “We no longer have reconciliation problems and what used to take 40 hours a week now takes 6 hours. The best part is that I don’t have to worry about where the transactions are recorded. It took a lot of time to reconcile before, but the new solution and Mindover Software has put my mind at ease.”

Mays is now processing cash transactions much more efficiently. “Now that we have the Inter Entity module in place we process cash the same way we process all other transactions,” comments Tim. “We are able to record and appropriately reconcile cash transactions which opens the door for us to get a weekly cash report and a weekly cash flow statement. The whole thing is seamless and consistent throughout the entire organization.”

Mays next challenge for Mindover Software is payroll integration. “We have asked Mindover Software to move our current, antiquated payroll process over to Sage 300 ERP which will eliminate the need for timesheets,” comments Tim. “Our goal is to use this process with contract labor vendors too. I love the doors that have been opened by tapping into the power of our Sage 300 ERP system and the expertise. We are saving a huge amount of time and doing things smarter. Overall, Mindover Software is bridging the information gap without me having to be the expert in that process. I come up with the conceptual idea and they make it happen and we could not be happier.”

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Mindover Software Logo with tagline

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