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Sage 100 ERP Shortcuts to Improve the Data Entry Process

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Streamlining the data entry process always seems to be a high priority for most businesses. Because it is such an integral part of the business management process, data entry cannot be completely eliminated from daily business tasks; however, with the right tools, it can be made more efficient and effortless. ERP software has helped many companies make great strides in automating the data entry process, helping them save time, reduce errors and improve data accuracy. However, streamlining the data entry process is not enough to take away the frustrations that come with it. Even with ERP software, data entry requires you to constantly switch back and forth between your mouse and keyboard as you enter data into the system. A couple hours later, you, too, would be tired of the process.

If data entry is slowing you down and putting a damper on your efficiency, we have some good news for you. Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 / Sage ERP MAS 200) contains several data entry time-saving features within the system to help you eliminate the frustrations that come along with the task. In addition to streamlining and automating the process, users can use a variety of “shortcuts” and “hotkeys” to speed up the process. These shortcuts will help you significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on data entry so you can focus on completing more important business tasks.

The following is a complete guide to the Sage 100 ERP “hotkeys”, along with some helpful data entry shortcuts:

Using Common Sage 100 ERP Buttons and Icons

Instead of the Lookup button, use F2 to display the Lookup window for the current field.

Instead of the Print button, use F4 to print the report or listing associated with the task.

Instead of the Flashlight button, use F3/Alt+L to display an alternate lookup window for current field.

Instead of the Browse button, use CTRL+F5 to select the first record, CTRL + F6 to select the prior record, CTRL + F7 to select the next record, and CTRL + F8 to select the last record.

Instead of the Accept button, use CTRL+A to save the current record.

Instead of the Cancel button, use CTRL+C to cancel the entry of the current record.

Instead of the Delete button, use ALT+D to delete the current record.

Instead of choosing Print, use ALT+P to print the current report.

Instead of clicking Setup, use ALT+S to display printer settings.

Instead of the clicking the OK button, use ALT+O to display the OK button for dialog boxes and line entry.

Instead of choosing the Copy From button, use ALT+O to open the Copy From window.

Instead of the Help button, use SHIFT+F1 to display help text for the window.

Instead of the Undo button, use ALT+U to undo line changes.

Instead of the Insert Line button, use ALT+N to insert a line.

Instead of the Delete Line button, use ALT+D to delete a line.

Instead of the Batch button, use ALT+B to open a batch window.

Instead of the Email button, use ALT+E to send an email to the entered email address.

Instead of the Comment button, use ALT+O to display extended comments.

Instead of the Credit Checking button, use ALT+K to display credit card information using the internet.

Instead of the Package Tracking button, use ALT+T to enter a tracking ID number for shipment and to check the status of the shipment.

Instead of the Web button, use ALT+U to launch a website based on the URL in the field.

Instead of the Next Number button, use ALT+X to select the next number for the field.

Instead of the Show Image button, use ALT+S to show the image specified in the field.

Instead of the Paperless PDF button, use ALT+F to open the PDF for the selected record.

Instead of the Map button, use ALT+Q to display web-based maps.

Instead of the Net Balance button, use ALT+B to calculate the net balance.

Save and print a copy of these Sage 100 ERP shortcuts so you can keep them handy as you key data into your system. Pretty soon they’ll become second nature! Keep in mind that all maintenance and data entry windows in Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 90 / Sage ERP MAS 200) share the same set of buttons and keystrokes to help you easily navigate through your data screens and perform tasks efficiently.

Stay tuned for more Sage 100 ERP tips to maximize your efficiency and improve your business productivity.