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Sage Document Management Helps You “Go Paperless”

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Sage document management can help you shift to a truly paperless office. Impossible, you say? Well, paper will always be around an office. After all, we still have pens and pencils even though most of us write business documents on the computer.

Many companies have wanted for a long time to go to a paperless environment but struggled with shifting common business tasks from paper to digital. How do you pay bills when vendors continue to mail them to you? What do you do with physical bills of lading or shipping manifests? How do you handle customer quotes and project documents?

We’ve put together seven steps to help you move from a paper-dependent office to a mostly paperless one. The key is using software such as Sage Document Management. When you have Sage document management integrated with Sage 300, you’re ready to make the move to a streamlined digital environment.

8 Ways to Speed the Transition to a Paperless Office

Use these eight steps to transition your company to a paperless environment.

  1. Track your expenses related to paper use. This includes expenses such as copier and printer ink and toner, paper, and even repairs for the equipment. Prepare a report for the company’s managers that lists all the expenses related to continuing to use paper instead of Sage Document Management. Then, show them the report so they can see the dollars and “sense” or using software instead.
  2. Check with your vendors and, if they offer e-billing and e-payments, discuss accepting these with your accounting department. See if you can transition as much of the current paperwork as possible to paperless.
  3. Use software that makes it easy to route documents for signatures and sign them electronically. The E-Sign Act of 2000 confirmed that electronic signatures are valid, which means documents are still valid with a digital signature instead of a physical one.
  4. Switch to a cloud-based productivity suite such as Google Business Suite or Microsoft Teams. These systems enable collaboration and easy sharing of documents without the need to print them.
  5. Eliminate fax machines from your office. Instead, switch to electronic faxes, which transmit files through the web.
  6. Scan documents rather than photocopy them when you need to share them with several people. Save them as a PDF and email the PDF to others.
  7. Print on both sides of documents when at all possible. While it still uses paper, it will cut your paper usage as much as possible.
  8. Remove file cabinets from the office, too. You’ll be amazed at how much space your office gains when stand-alone cabinets are gone.

Sage 300 and Sage Document Management: A Powerful Paperless System

Sage document management through DocLink enables you to transform your ERP into a system that can easily manage a paperless office. Sage itself has many features to make it easier and faster to tackle paper-based tasks, and it can help you automate many tasks, too.

With DocLink for Sage, you’ll be able to:

  • Open a scanned document inside Sage
  • Repurpose values from scanned documents
  • Increase efficiency and save time routing documents
  • Reduce paper use

The truly paperless office may yet be achieved, with a little help from Sage and DocLink. For Sage 300 users, DocLink can speed up the transition to a paperless system and help you save money while gaining efficiency. Take the next step toward the transition to a paperless office and contact Mindover Software for more information.

Mindover Software provides ERP software consulting, training, and implementation. For more information, please, contact us or call 512-990-3994.

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