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Sage HRMS and Your Business: Five Steps to More Productive Employees

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Studies show that businesses with highly engaged employees are much more effective than those with low employee engagement. Engaged employees work with passion, drive innovation, and are more productive. They have fewer absences and stay with the company longer. Using management practices that encourage employee engagement and a human resource management system (HRMS) can go a long way toward increasing productivity.

5 Ways to Encourage Your Employees

Running your business can be challenging at the best of times and managing employees well is a part of the challenge.  Employee engagement and productivity are important factors in your success. When your business is growing and your volume of work is increasing, try these tips to increase employee productivity before hiring new staff. Here are five ideas to try to keep your workforce engaged:  

  1. Value their ideas: Collect and respond to input from your employees whether it is through regular department meetings, an idea box or email.
  2. Learn their motivators: Everyone is motivated by different things. Learn what drives each individual whether that is opportunity, praise, flexibility or something else.
  3. Compensate and reward appropriately: Most employees are motivated by money. Paying competitive, industry rates will go a long way. Other items such as vacations, performance bonuses, and gift vouchers can be used to reward excellent work.
  4. Be generous with non-monetary rewards: Many employees are motivated by respect and praise for a job well-done. Write notes of appreciation or offer creative, non-monetary rewards such as a special parking space.
  5. Offer training and a career path: Knowing how to do a job well is the best way to increase productivity. Care about the future of your employees and mentor them on how to reach their goals.

Sage HRMS, Technology to Support Employee Productivity

When you are looking for ways to help your employees be more productive, consider Sage HRMS software to help you manage that process. Sage HRMS enables more engaged employees through functions including employee self-service, training development, and performance management. Sage HRMS is an integrated solution with rich, precise analytics that will help you maximize your employee engagement and productivity.

Here are a few ways that using an integrated HRMS solution can help you implement changes to make your employees more productive.

  1. Provide information: An HR solution like Sage HRMS will provide rich and precise company data, monitoring, and reporting that will help you make workforce decisions.
  2. Ease communication: Sage HRMS can give employees easy access to company vision, mission, and values. Through self-service portals and mobile technology, employees can directly access corporate goals as well as other information they need. A feature-rich HRMS system will offer social networking that can be used for informal discussions and recognition.
  3. Implement employee recognition: Through HR technology, managers can know when performance goals have been met and initiate recognition.
  4. Manage training: Effective training programs empower employees to meet greater challenges and receive promotion. Your HRMS should be integrated with employee training tools and programs to track individual skill sets and abilities.
  5. Track compensation and benefits: Even small companies need a balanced package of benefits and competitive compensation in order to increase employee retention. With Sage HRMS, you can evaluate benefits usage and cost to evaluate their effectiveness.

Investment in these areas will increase employee engagement, resulting in better business performance. To learn more about increasing employee engagement and productivity, download our whitepaper, “ROEI®: Return on Employee Investment®, Increase Competitiveness on Your Biggest Asset”. This paper looks into investments that can help a company maximize the productivity of its workforce and build a more profitable and successful business.

The consultants at Mindover Software can help you evaluate your business processes and the impact Sage HRMS could have. Contact us today to receive a free HR Management Solution information kit.