Sales Quoting Software

Quoting errors and inaccurate sales forecasting can be avoided.When your team thinks about putting together quotes for customers, do they visualize the actual customer-facing document that they hope the customer will ultimately sign-off on? Although the document is one important part of a properly created quote, there are several quoting considerations that are critical and often misunderstood or under leveraged.

Join Jim Barnet from Promys and Lloyd Smith from Mindover Software, for this recorded webinar, “3 Sales Quoting Best Practices that will Transform your Sales Team and Reduce Fulfillment Headaches,” and discover the missing quoting components that you need knock your profitability, customer satisfaction and efficiency out of the park!

In this webinar we review the top 3 quoting best practices that will empower your team to:

  • Reduce quoting errors and provide real insight into implementation lessons learned cycled back into the quoting process
  • Control quote versions and ensure a more accurate sales & resource forecasts
  • Stop dirty hand offs between Sales & Order fulfillment

This will transform your quoting process.