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Stay Connected to Your Inventory: What Accurate and Timely Inventory Data Means to Your Business (AccuDart)

Inventory Management

Join the experts from Mindover Software and the makers of ACCU-DART for a webinar focused on warehouse operations, best-practices for inventory control, and how these relate to front-office ERP systems.

Our guest speaker for this event is Irwin Ash, president of Executive Concepts Inc, the makers of ACCU-DART. Mr. Ash has been involved in finance and operations since 1972. He has focused on data collection, warehouse operations, and integration with ERP solutions since 1988.

During this webinar we show you how ACCU-DART:

-Updates inventory data in real-time
-Provides serial and lot number control
-Integrates with ERP for a single database for inventory
-Eliminates redundant data
-Improves inventory accuracy
-Simplifies warehouse operations
-And more!

Executive Concepts Inc. was established in 1988 with the objective of providing information system solutions to our clients. ACCU-DART is a real-time inventory control solution created by Executive Concepts designed specifically for accounting or inventory systems.