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The Cycle of Financial Software Data Security and Monitoring

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Who does not want to maximize business value? We all want to maximize business value. We all want to be successful as businesses and maximize our company value, but we need to minimize potential liabilities and threats in order to do so. Have you ever truly considered that one of the biggest ways this value can be jeopardized is by not adequately securing your business financial software data and important information?

There is so much more to business success than simply earning more and more revenue. If this is your singular focus, you may be unaware of the behind-the-scenes threats to this revenue, customer information gained in the process of making sales, and other data that makes your business successful. Don’t compromise your value by leaving your information out for predators to chew on and steal from. Instead, maximize your business value and the value of your business data by securing it comprehensively within your Sage software amongst other software and various other sources of data.

Companies gather data faster than ever before. As businesses collect and use this financial software and Sage software data to grow and compete, the consequences to a breach in security can severely damage a business’ reputation and performance. Securing data can limit this threat. How, then, is data secured and monitored effectively to prevent threats?

The Ongoing Cycle of Data Security and Monitoring

There are four key facets to data security that, with ongoing consideration and action, can create business value while minimizing the potential liability of that data being attacked. It is important to understand that these facets are cyclical so all of them should be carried out on an ongoing basis versus being taken care of only once.

-Finding and Classifying Data

  • Explore and classify potentially sensitive data
  • Update policies for security on an ongoing basis
  • Discover embedded malware and logic bombs

-Monitoring Data and Enforcing its Security

  • Use real-time alerts and respond quickly to them
  • Enforce change controls so attempted changes are alerted
  • Detect application-layer fraud
  • Monitor and block users with what privileges they have
  • Prevent cyberattacks

-Auditing and Reporting on Data and Security

  • Automate and centralize Sage and financial software controls
  • Preconfigure policies and reports
  • Monitor database changes
  • Observe and uphold minimal performance impact

-Assessing and Hardening Security Parameters

  • Assess vulnerabilities within database static and behavioral activity
  • Preconfigure tests based on best practice standards
  • Use configuration auditing

Components to Achieving Data Security

In addition to the actions above that are necessary to carry out on an ongoing basis in order to monitor and achieve data security, you need to follow these general best practices when it comes to data security. They allow you to achieve the level of security your financial software, Sage software, and general data need to help your business be successful and protected from threats. These components of achieving data security are very similar to what is needed to achieve desktop management. For information on how to secure your computers and vital information contained within them, learn more about desktop management by visiting here.

  1. Understand where all of your business data exists across the board
  2. Safeguard your sensitive data in particular
  3. Look for sensitive data that exists outside of production along and amongst all facets of your business
  4. Adapt your security strategy as circumstances change
  5. Achieve and be able to demonstrate regulatory compliance

Contact us here at Mindover Software to learn more about the cycle of actions and components needed to make data security a real reality for your Sage software, financial software, other software, and any additional data sources at your company.

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