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Top Technology for 2015 Business Budgets: Cloud ERP and More

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The foundation for success in the modern business world lies in having the right financial software solutions to get the job done well. Because software and technology change and develop rapidly, there is a need to always be considering how those can be enhanced, added to, updated, or if new solutions are needed. What, then, are the technology items that are essential to your business in the coming year? What should be on the budget to keep your business processes and software updated? The following five technology solutions are important to consider whether you are at a place of needing to start using them or need to upgrade or expand the version you currently use.

1. Big Data- Automated, Available, Applicable

Automation and real-time data are buzzwords of our time. It is essential to have lots of data that is readily available and usable. Investment will continue in big data solutions in the data center and in the hiring of business analysts and data analysts with big data skills. This investment will be characterized with more movement toward using real time big data streams and implementing automation. Be sure your systems can handle and produce the data you need.

2. The Cloud- Migrate Now!

A major focus of 2015 will be continued and enhanced migration to a hybrid cloud environment that mixes on premise, private cloud, and public cloud solutions. The use of the cloud, especially to address external business processes and other issues that have eluded internal enterprise systems for years, will be used to speed solutions for the competitive benefit of the business. For a closer look at how the cloud has really been taking off in the business world over the past year and what the benefits of Cloud ERP are, visit here. It may be the perfect time for your business to transition to Cloud ERP adoption in the new year and with a new budget that can incorporate this change in 2015.

3. Mobile Solutions needed in a Mobile World

A mobile world requires mobile business financial software solutions that can give you the information you need not only anytime but also anywhere. Businesses will continue to invest in mobile devices and in the development of mobile business applications for internal employee use and for external use by customers. Be sure your 2015 budget incorporates these important solutions.

4. Digital Assets are a Must

Companies will be looking to add value to their digital assets whether they come in the form of a website, a social media presence, content development and management, or new applications that perform in the digital universe. Many businesses have known they need to formalize this process and truly invest in digital assets so they can have a better presence in terms of marketing and sales channels, revenue, and brand development.

5. Set Aside Money for Audits

With the current rapid deployment of web-facing and mobile applications and the establishment of BYOD (bring your own device) policies, many businesses are being prompted to set aside extra budget dollars for security, IT policy, and governance audits. You’ll need to consider doing this as well to protect your assets and software solutions.

Making sure you have all of the technology solutions needed for success in the current business world is no easy task. At the same time, the beauty of technology is that it can, when used correctly and with the right solutions, help make the tasks important to your business be easier to complete. As we mentioned at the start of this article, the most vital starting point is a financial software solution that can handle what it takes to move your business forward and keep up. Learn more about the financial solutions we offer at Mindover Software by visiting here.