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Use Sage HRMS to Go Green

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Paperless Human Resource Systems Save Resources, Time and Money

There are many reasons to check out Sage HRMS, including increasing employee engagement and improving productivity. Another valuable benefit is that you can eliminate paper usage and the inefficiencies that paper handling creates.

Last month we talked about the benefits of being completely paperless in Why Your Financial Management Systems Should be Paperless in 2016. All of these benefits apply to a paperless HR system, as well. As we said, “going paperless is becoming critical to remain competitive, increase productivity and improve profitability.”

Using a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) integrated with your enterprise resource planning system makes HR information accessible and automates business processes. Integration is important to eliminate double data entry and data error. According to one study, having an integrated HRMS provides a 270% higher return on investment than stand-alone HR systems. Sage HRMS is an integrated solution designed to maximize your Return on Employee Investment (ROEI®) by using rich, precise analytics and by increasing productivity. In addition, implementing and using an integrated product like Sage HRMS enables more engaged employees through functions, including employee self-service, training development, and performance management.

What can be paperless in HR? Well, pretty much everything from simple data requests to payroll and benefits enrollment.

Make web-based HR data accessible to everyone.

User-friendly self-service portals eliminate HR busywork and offer real-time information where employees can easily review their attendance, check company policies, and get benefits data without printing paper or requiring the time of human resource personnel.

For HR managers, data is easily accessible through on-line reports. Dashboards provide company, department and individual attendance statistics, payroll, and benefits information. These statistics can be easily accessed by department managers as well.

Automate HR processes to eliminate paper.

If you have paper-intensive processes, you can improve efficiency and save time through automation. You can eliminate duplicate data entry and streamline HR processes. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

  • Employees can request and get approval for time off without time-consuming paperwork or calls to HR
  • Paper forms can be converted to web forms to streamline the data collection and approvals for any of the information found in Sage HRMS.
  • Streamline the onboarding and performance review processs with automated and routine completion of employee forms
  • Manage open enrollment and life events with step-by-step wizards to guide employees through benefits enrollment
  • Complete IRS and other government forms online
  • Track training-based on-the-job requirements

Go green with Sage HRMS 2016.

Sage HRMS 2016 is now available. The new version includes an easier-to-use interface, support for Affordable Care Act reporting requirements, a single sign-on functionality to Sage HRMS extended solutions and more. Learn what’s new in Sage HRMS 2016.

Sage HRMS is an integrated HR management software that will enable you to lower costs and empower your employees. It can help improve Return on Employee Investment® (ROEI®), and build a more profitable and successful business. To learn more about improving HR productivity, download our whitepaper, “ROEI®: Return on Employee Investment®, Increase Competitiveness on Your Biggest Asset”. This paper looks into investments that can help a company maximize the value of its workforce and shows how technology can help improve ROEI® and build a more profitable and successful business.

If you are ready to go paperless for all of your HR functions, contact us to receive a free HR Management Solution information kit. An HR management solution, like Sage HRMS, from Mindover Software may be what you need. Contact one of our software experts today to discover the value an on-premises or cloud-based HR solution could bring to your business.