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Watch Out Salesforce, SageCRM Could Take the Small Business World by Storm!

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I’ve been in the world of mid-tier accounting and CRM software for five years now and have always kept my eyes on the lower end of the market to know what’s out there. One product that particularly caught my attention is SageCRM, which isn’t really what you’d call a low-end software product. Actually, it’s decidedly mid-tier. It’s a full-blown customer relationship management software solution from Sage, developers of Peachtree, Accpac ERP, ACT! and SalesLogix.


What’s interesting about SageCRM is that it used to only integrate with more advanced accounting software products like MAS 90 and Sage Accpac ERP


What does that mean for QuickBooks users? They can now utilize a robust, browser-based CRM system to enter orders and check customer status in QuickBooks either from the office or from a remote location such as a home, an airport or a customer location. From quote creation to invoicing, SageCRM will allow companies that use QuickBooks to be more nimble and responsive to customer needs.


This isn’t something to sneeze at either! With so much integration, SageCRM is poised to push productivity through the roof for some small companies. The reason I’m sharing this is because, as many business owners now recognize, accounting software alone is not enough for small businesses to thrive any more. They need an integrated system that can schedule sales calls, follow up on leads, create quotes, log key communications with customers and vendors, track marketing campaigns, see a customer’s account status, automate A/R collections and more.


To be successful today, you have to have a 360-degree view of business. Indeed, a business must be nimble enough to respond to changing customer tastes and needs. A business must also stay fresh on the minds of customers and prospects to be remembered. Bottom line – a business must operate with fewer resources yet somehow do more than ever before. That can only come with greater integration between key business software.


What Greytrix has done with its new link is allow millions of QuickBooks users to start running like a Fortune 500 company, without the corresponding price tag! SageCRM is not expensive for most small companies, especially compared to the productivity boost they will get by having so much more flexibility to conduct their business.


Thanks to Greytrix, QuickBooks and SageCRM are now unlikely partners in the battle to help small business run more efficiently, competitively and profitably.