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What Makes a Great Accpac Consultant?

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I’ve been asked many times “What makes a great Accpac consultant?” I used to say the standard things, good at accounting, good at listening, good at communication, etc. However, after working on three of Mindover Software’s latest projects, I have a definitive answer: Passion!

During the last three projects, which involved complex installations of accounting software, CRM software and other business software add-ons, each of our consultants worked enormous amounts of hours, yet were very mindful of the project budgets. They even accepted last minute changes to project scope while constantly striving to meet client expectations. At one point, our consultants learned how to implement and support some new products just before a go-live date so that one client’s needs were met without losing time on the project schedule. Oh, and did I mention that our consultants somehow managed to keep their home lives stable?!

During each of these projects, and more than once, we heard comments from our client along these lines:

“We really appreciate all of the work you and your team did for us, even staying till 1am and coming back at 8am the next morning! It’s obvious you are our partner and not a vendor. It seems you care more about our business than some of our employees do.”

When a consultant from Mindover Software charges an hour against a project, the customer is receiving years of practical experience, extremely deep product knowledge and a commitment to excellence. Our consultants don’t rest on their laurels, either. They are constantly trying to get better by testing the applications they support, even playing with new ones to see which ones might help their customers the most. To them, it’s all about the best results for their customers.

This is the Passion I was referring to in the first paragraph.