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What’s New for Sage 300 2022: Your Guide to Sage 300

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Mindover Software has implemented and supported companies using Sage 300 for many years, including when it was known as Sage Accpac. Our consultants are experts in training and providing custom solutions for Sage 300. In fact, we offer a library of Sage 300 tips and tricks to help our customers use the software more effectively.

Sage 300 offers an enterprise-level system with robust accounting, financial, sales, marketing, and operations support built in. Modules can be added to customize the solution and create a tailor-made platform for companies in almost any industry. Our customers have used Sage 300 to increase efficiencies. You can read about some of them in our Sage 300 success stories.

Sage 300 2022: Updated for Modern Business Needs

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With the Sage 300 2022 updates, the software increases its ability to support all types of businesses but especially e-commerce companies.

Here are some highlights of the 2022 updates:

  • 1099 tax reporting has the latest tax codes
  • Vendor tax numbers are more secure 
  • User passwords are more secure 
  • Documents can be emailed using Microsoft 365 
  • Job-related documents can be entered in Accounts Payable through web screens 

Updated 1099 Tax Reporting

The Accounts Payable system supports 1099 tax reporting requirements for the tax year 2021.

Improved Security

Sage improved the security in the existing system to better secure both social security numbers and corporate tax ID numbers. In addition to adding *** in front of all but the last four digits, the company has now made the fields locked and unable to be changed once entered. To make changes, users must be assigned to Tax Number Maintenance security authorization for Accounts Payable. This is a new feature. Users are not added by default but must be manually assigned by a system administrator.

User Passwords More Secure

During setup, if you must specify a password length, it must now be 8 characters long. On the Advanced Security Settings screen, you will also find several new features to make passwords more secure. This includes a new option that lets you require that passwords include at least one of each of the following:

  • Lower case letter
  • Upper case letter
  • Number
  • Special character (such as * or #)

Use Microsoft 365 to Email Documents

You can now email documents directly from Sage 300 using Microsoft 365. To do so, during setup choose Microsoft Graph in the new Email Service field on the Email tab of the Company Profile screen.

You can also send test emails from Microsoft 365 on the desktop version of Sage 300 (this feature isn’t available yet on the web cloud screens).

Technical Security Upgrades in 2002

In addition to improving password and tax identification number security, Sage has also made many technical improvements to its secure infrastructure. Many of these improvements run “behind the scenes” and aren’t visible to the average user. However, if you are updating or upgrading from a different version of Sage, you may need to make some modifications to your system. The company provides details on how to do this on their knowledge base, Sage City.

Sage 300 Features

Sage 300 is often forgotten when companies explore Sage ERP solutions. That’s a shame because Sage 300 offers an almost limitless customizable system.

The base system itself is like Sage 100 but with a twist. A robust ecosystem of third-party additions enables the average company to build out a nicely tailored system that can support expansion and growth across borders.

With Sage 300, you can:

  • Put your accounting on autopilot: Sage 300 offers many time-saving automation features that help you catch mistakes as well as keep up to date with standard accounting needs. Conduct daily transactions, record general ledger entries, manage payroll, and reconcile banking and credit card accounts easily in the financial dashboard.
  • Conduct cross-border business: Sage 300 2022 comes fully featured with tools to help you conduct business globally. These features include currency converters, translators, and more so whether you’re doing business in Peoria or Paris, you can use your Sage 300 dashboard without a problem.
  • Future-proof your business: The Sage ecosystem includes Sage-based products for almost any need: CRM, HRMS, field service, inventory management, and more. Additional third-party apps are available in a huge super library of add-ons that provide many useful functions.
  • Streamline inventory: Sage 300 adeptly handles multiple inventory locations, enabling you to track inventory throughout all your company’s warehouses and ship from multiple locations to fulfill orders.

Designed for Scale

Many companies find that as they grow, they outgrow their software. What worked well when they were a one-warehouse location no longer works when they have warehouses in multiple states or even multiple countries.

Sage 300 is an ERP system designed with flexibility in mind. As your company grows, and the demands on its software change, Sage can change along with them. This includes the ability to:

  • Fully support international commerce through multi-language and multi-currency features
  • Add numerous platforms and additional software to the basic Sage 300 package through native connectors and API integrations
  • Easily add users as needed in any desired location through the cloud

Sage 300 is software that can accommodate any size or scale and can quickly ramp up to support fast company growth.

Software That’s Here to Stay

“Growing pains” are often a signal to search for new software. Another situation that often prompts companies to seek new software is their frustration with the lack of support for aging platforms.

As software ages, it is often updated or simply phased out in favor of the latest edition. This presents many challenges to businesses running such legacy systems. Over time, fewer programmers focus on these aging software platforms because fewer companies use them, which then puts the remaining users at a disadvantage. Making any changes to them becomes tricky, like patching a leaky boat. Often, it grows into an impossible situation in which employees complain that it takes longer to use the legacy system than it does to use spreadsheets.

Sage is here to stay. The company was founded 30 years ago and continues to update and promote Sage 300, as evidenced in Sage 300 2022. The changes made to Sage 300 this year only underscore their commitment to continuing support for this important enterprise-based system.

This makes Sage a low-risk investment when choosing your ERP vendor. With a solid 30-year history and continuing updates and improvements to their software, as exemplified in Sage 300 2022, it is likely that the software you invest in today will remain viable for many, many years to come.

Sage 300: An Excellent Enterprise-Level ERP System That Keeps Getting Better

Sage 300 offers an outstanding package of features for enterprise-level rollout. Both the cloud and desktop versions offer excellent secure, full-fledged accounting and financial management features, and excellent data on all aspects of your business. Additionally, the company’s many integrations and apps make it a wonderful base from which to customize and expand into the features your business needs to grow. The 2022 release just underscores why this software has been a strong contender for over 30 years.

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