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3 Trends in ERP for Small Business

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It’s fun to look at predictions for the coming year and then look back to see which ones were correct and which didn’t pan out. We have a few predictions of our own, including the following 2022 trends in ERP for small business. Let’s look at several ways in which ERP for small business is trending and where we think it’s headed.

Cloud ERP for Small Businesses

Although both on-premises and cloud ERP are popular, we predict that cloud ERP will continue to grow in popularity for small businesses. Gartner predicts that global cloud adoption will continue to grow at a brisk pace. Hybrid cloud and cloud ecosystems, in which multiple cloud-based platforms are connected to form a suite of business productivity and specialized services, are continuing to fuel small business growth worldwide.

Small businesses benefit from cloud ERP in many ways. Cloud adoption itself helped thousands of businesses remain viable during the pandemic when telecommuting became the norm. New concerns about climate change are also forcing businesses to rethink their policy on telecommuting, with more allowing for flexible and full telecommuting options to reduce transportation costs and carbon emissions from vehicles.

Additionally, cloud ERP has also helped businesses stay competitive. Better data, real-time reporting, and greater visibility has helped companies stay on top of supply chain issues, customer demand, and the many challenges facing businesses during the pandemic and times of uncertainty. Cloud ERP remains an important trend that’s here to stay.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

In 2020, only about 10% of small businesses used the IoT to manage and monitor things like service, performance, and shipping. Gartner predicts that by 2025, fully 50% of all businesses will be using such devices.

It’s only a matter of time before most businesses embrace the IoT to remain competitive. There is a tipping point at which companies must start using new technology or be left behind as competitors benefit from it.

Data Mining Used with the IoT

The Internet of Things and interconnecting systems from cloud ERP produce a lot of data. This data can be used in many ways. Data mining, which combines and uses multiple sources of data to help users understand and predict trends, understand past events, and better manage future business decisions continues to rise in prominence. With all the data flowing through an ERP system, it makes sense to utilize it better using data mining tools. Combined with business intelligence systems, the use of data mining creates a powerhouse of useful information that can help companies remain competitive in changing circumstances.

Which Trends Can Your Company Benefit From?

Which trends can you benefit from? Cloud ERP, IoT, data mining?

No matter which trends strike you as something of interest for your business, Mindover Software can help. Our consultants work with you to understand your toughest business challenges and find technology solutions that help you solve them.

Whether you need on-premises or cloud ERP, we can help. Some of the customers we’ve helped in the past include:

  • American Image Signs, which needed a way to handle highly customized orders effectively and efficiently.
  • Twang, a manufacturer of food and beverage flavor enhancers, needed a way to handle orders from multiple warehouses, and transmit data effortlessly from many remote locations.
  • Miller Veterinary Supply, which needed a robust ERP system to handle a large number of SKUs at multiple locations.

In each case, the customer came to Mindover with a business problem and challenge that seemed insurmountable. By understanding the end goal and immersing ourselves in the business itself, we were able to create an effective solution that saved customers time and money, improved business systems, and solved their problem.

Learn more about Mindover Software.

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