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Business Intelligence Software Offers a Complete Solution in a Multi-Cloud World

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If you are reading this article, you probably have multiple cloud software applications open and running on your computer. Your smartphone may have more data streaming in. A multi-cloud approach to business functions has become the norm rather than the exception. We swim in a sea of data, fishing for the right information that will help us plan and prepare for the future. If you can’t navigate that data sea, you’re dead in the water.

Take your disparate systems and integrate them into one seamless ERP solution. Contact Mindover Software online or give us a call at (512) 990-3994.

Multi-Cloud Challenges

A multi-cloud approach comes with a basket of challenges. In that basket, you’ll find difficulties accessing data in one place. Data must be downloaded from one cloud software such as your website analytics and uploaded or keyed into another software for analysis, such as typing metrics into a spreadsheet so you can include them in one report.

Disparate systems do not communicate with one another, so you find yourself jumping from payroll software to accounting, CRM to ERP, all within the space of minutes. And mistakes creep into your reports because much of what you’d hoped would be automated has become a manual process.

Sound familiar? It sounds like you’ve got the multi-cloud blues. One solution that appeals to many business owners is Business Intelligence (BI) software.

BI + Data Warehouse = A Data-Driven Business

Business intelligence software solves many of the problems found in multi-cloud environments. It may seem strange to add yet another software package to an already crowded software arena in your business, but BI brings together numerous strands into one tapestry of business information that can be accessed and used by all.

BI offers a robust integration among the systems that power your business. Look for a complete business suite rather than dashboards or interfaces, which cosmetically fix the issue of multiple tabs or browsers open but do not improve the functionality of the system.

In addition to a BI system, adding a data warehouse is also a smart idea. A data warehouse, added to the BI system, can act as the repository and library for all your data. When data is channeled into the warehouse, the BI system can withdraw what it needs. The result of adding both of these tools can be a streamlined, powerful tool that enables you to conduct budgeting, forecasting, and analysis of your business data much more easily

The Increasing Importance of BI Data

According to Forbes, 78% of companies plan to increase their use of cloud software for BI and data management. The reliance upon data to drive business decisions continues to increase and grow in importance, and it is unlikely to return to what it was years ago, before the advent of robust business data.

We are living in an age in which data powers nearly everything we do. Without data derived from your current business activities, you are planning in the dark. It’s time to turn on the light with BI software.

Mindover Software

Business intelligence software can help you manage the massive amounts of important data derived from cloud applications. Mindover Software can help you find great BI applications for your needs, or work with you to find other solutions from Sage, Acumatica, and other great providers for ERP, BI, HRMS, and CRM needs. Contact us today for more information.

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