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Recommended Features for Care Management Software

in: Company News, Cloud Computing, Home Health Care, Accounting

Shopping for care management software for your home healthcare agency can be difficult. There are so many platforms on the market, each promising to solve all your problems with a single software purchase. Which features are necessary, and which are nice to have? The following features are often recommended by home healthcare agency as “must […]

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Do You Have Digital Business Agility?

in: Company News, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Cloud Computing

Does your company have digital business agility? What is digital business agility, and why is it important? Digital business agility refers to the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, including adapting technology to changing circumstances. The global pandemic proved that companies who can shift and change to accommodate changing business patterns are better positioned […]

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Three Reasons Why Manufacturers Choose Acumatica Cloud ERP

in: Company News, Cloud Computing, Acumatica

We’ve chosen three reasons why manufacturers love Acumatica cloud ERP, but there are many more reasons—just ask anyone using this modern cloud ERP software! Acumatica has many fans, and for good reason. It’s consistently rated as one of the best ERP platforms available. Its flexible pricing model, ability to integrate easily with third-party applications, and […]

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cloud ERP

Cloud ERP Security Considerations

in: Company News, Cloud Computing

Which cloud ERP security considerations are at the top of your mind? What should you be asking your cloud ERP service provider? Many companies have relaxed strict security policies as workers telecommuted during the pandemic. Even if you were one such company, now is the time to tighten cybersecurity policies. According to some sources: Worldwide cybercrime […]

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cloud manufacturing

5 Productivity Benefits of Cloud Manufacturing Software

in: Company News, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Cloud Computing, Manufacturing Solutions

There are many benefits derived from adding cloud manufacturing ERP software to your company. As manufacturers continue to face unprecedented challenges and disruptions to the global supply chain, having cloud manufacturing ERP systems can make a big difference to your company’s success. What Is Cloud Manufacturing? Cloud manufacturing combines the Internet of Things, supply chain management, and […]

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The Right Team Makes Cloud ERP Implementation Easier

in: Company News, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Cloud Computing, Acumatica

The right team can make your company’s cloud ERP implementation much easier than you thought. By assembling people from various departments and clearly explaining their roles, the implementation team can make quick headway into all the considerations needed for a successful cloud ERP implementation. Free Paper and Information Acumatica’s eight-step ERP Playbook to Implementation is ready to […]

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How Expense Management Software Integrated with Cloud ERP Improves Efficiency

in: Company News, Cloud Computing, Accounting, Financial Management

Expense management software can improve many aspects of how your company tracks and reimburses employee expenses. If your company currently requires physical receipts and the accounting department manually tracks and reconciles them, learn more about how expense management software integrated with cloud ERP can improve efficiency throughout your company. Manual Processes Are Prone to Error […]

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cloud manufacturing

Your Quick-Start Guide to Cloud Manufacturing ERP Implementation

in: Company News, Cloud Computing, Manufacturing Solutions

Cloud manufacturing ERP offers many benefits. If you’ve decided it’s time to shift manufacturing ERP technology over to the cloud, you are in great company. According to Oracle, 50% of companies are planning to upgrade to cloud ERP soon or very soon. That means if you aren’t upgrading to the best manufacturing ERP system you […]

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cloud erp implementation

Cloud ERP Implementation Project Phases and Their Impact on Success

in: Company News, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Cloud Computing, Acumatica

There’s an awful lot written about cloud ERP implementation these days. Perhaps that’s because over 60% of companies have already or are in the process of migrating ERP to the cloud. Many discussions hinge on steps to successful cloud ERP implementation and we’ve shared our tips on this topic, too. But somewhere lost among the […]

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Cloud computing, Cloud Computing Concept, Cloud network in abstract technology background. Cloud networking concept

4 Reasons Why Your Cloud ERP Software System Has Better Security Than You Think

in: Company News, Cloud Computing

Although you probably already know that your cloud ERP software system has great security, if you had to explain why it is great to someone else, could you? Many people can’t, and while that’s understandable, wouldn’t it be helpful if you could quickly explain to skeptical colleagues just why security is so much better when […]

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