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How CRM and Accounting Software Drive Sales and Efficiency

in: Accounting, Company News, CRM

With the ever-increasing demands of modern business, the need for seamless collaboration between sales and finance teams has become crucial. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Accounting Software play a pivotal role in enabling this collaboration, ensuring that both departments are aligned towards common goals. Here’s a look at the various aspects of CRM and Accounting […]

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Bridging the Knowledge Gap: Helping Non-Financial Professionals Understand Accounting

in: Accounting, Company News

The use of automated solutions has become more the rule than the exception. At the same time, the responsibilities of today’s CFO and the accounting department have transformed, and the expectations have only increased. Efficiency is the currency in the modern business world. As such, there’s tremendous pressure to deliver information and financial reporting quickly […]

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Digital Transformation: 10 Steps to Transition to Cloud Accounting

in: Accounting, Cloud Computing, Company News

By now, you’ve probably seen the term “digital transformation” used in professional journals, websites, and articles. The term has probably been overused, but it’s still a viable concept for ensuring that your company’s technology stack is fully optimized to support continued growth and improvement. A major step in digital transforming is shifting many technology resources, […]

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Five Important Ways Cloud Accounting Helps Your Finance Team

in: Accounting, Cloud Computing, Company News

Cloud accounting systems offer many benefits and few drawbacks. The best cloud systems offer flexibility, security, and automation of numerous tasks. And, while they offer many benefits to the entire company, there are five specific benefits your finance team will appreciate. Here, we share these benefits and what they may mean to your finance department. […]

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Cutting-Edge ERP Payroll Software Strategies

in: Accounting, Sage HRMS, Acumatica, Company News

ERP payroll software can help small businesses save a great deal of time. The average SMB spends 5 hours per pay period calculating payroll and associated taxes. Business situations such as multiple locations, hourly and salaried workers, shift work, and split shifts compound the complexities of calculating and issuing payroll. Companies running a sound ERP […]

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How to Update Vendor 1099 Amounts in Sage 300

in: Financial Management, Accounting, Sage 300 ERP, Sage 300 ERP Tips and Tricks, Sage 300 ERP Tips and Tricks|Software Tips and Tricks, Software Tips and Tricks, Company News

In this tutorial, we will review how to update the 1099 amounts for a vendor. For this scenario, let’s say that after reviewing the 1099 vendor report, we noticed that the amount and code for a certain vendor is incorrect. This can happen if an invoice is keyed incorrectly when originally entered. Thus, we need […]

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Managing Vendor 1099s in Acumatica

in: Acumatica Tips and Tricks, Acumatica Tips & Tricks, Financial Management, Accounting, Acumatica, Company News

In this tutorial, we will review a few steps in managing 1099s in Acumatica. We will learn how to mark a 1099 vendor, how to print 1099s, how to run reports, and finally how to close the 1099 year. Acumatica Accounts Payable First, we will learn how to mark a vendor as a 1099 vendor. […]

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Payroll business finance concept, Businessman analyzing financial data with Payroll icon on VR screen, Financial, accounting, home healthcare payroll

Tips to Help You Manage Home Healthcare Payroll

in: Accounting, Home Health Care, Company News

Many small businesses struggle to manage their payroll, but home healthcare payroll is often among the most challenging to manage. This is especially true for agencies with multiple locations. Not only must they account for each employee’s hourly wage, hours worked, mileage, and other components, but the challenge of managing data is multiplied by the […]

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Why You Need Cloud ERP for Healthcare Accounting

in: Accounting, Home Health Care, Acumatica, Company News

Although you may not be aware of cloud ERP for healthcare, medical practices and facilities can benefit greatly from the robust accounting features found in cloud ERP systems. Healthcare accounting software can help your practice or healthcare business improve efficiencies, reduce billing errors, and manage payroll. Cloud ERP for Healthcare: Managing Complex Financial Transactions The […]

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How to Write Off Transactions Using A/R Periodic Processing in Sage 300

in: Accounting, Sage 300 ERP, Company News

In this tutorial, we review how to use periodic processing in Accounts Receivable to write off transactions, such as short pays or overdue balances. For our example we will look to write off balances on all customers at 5% of the original balance 180 overdue. Sage 300 Accounts Receivable Start by navigating to the Accounts […]

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