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Cloud ERP Security Considerations

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Which cloud ERP security considerations are at the top of your mind? What should you be asking your cloud ERP service provider?

Many companies have relaxed strict security policies as workers telecommuted during the pandemic. Even if you were one such company, now is the time to tighten cybersecurity policies.

According to some sources:

  • Worldwide cybercrime is expected to reach $6 trillion in 2021
  • 81% of organizations worldwide have experienced some type of cyber attack
  • A malicious hacking attempt occurs every 39 seconds.

Although state-sponsored attacks against government agencies and critical infrastructure make the news, it’s probably more upsetting (not to mention disruptive) to be a small business owner facing a malware attack that cripples systems for days.

To ensure you have the best protection against cybercrime, it’s important to know you’ve invested in the best possible software. A good cloud hosting solution and cloud ERP system offers some of the best security available to your business.

5 Cloud ERP Security Questions

Here are five questions you can and should ask your ERP provider to provide you with peace of mind around your cybersecurity.

  1. How do you encrypt our data?

Encryption protects data as it uploads and downloads. Good cloud ERP systems provide encryption both to files in transit and in storage, which helps protect sensitive company and client data. The hosting company should provide a minimum of TLS/SSL 128-bit encryption for files moving to and from the server and AES 256-bit encryption for files on the server.

  1. Who can access my data?

Ask for a copy of the cloud ERP providers’ data access policies. This policy should specify who has access to your company and client data and under what circumstances. Your cloud ERP host should provide you with policies pertaining to:

  • Access to client data—who has access, and how is access restricted
  • Steps the host company uses to detect and block unauthorized access to your data
  1. How is my account monitored?

The hosting company should be able to explain how it monitors client accounts. Do they have automated alarms set up or manual review of accounts? What triggers a notification to you of a potential data breach? Ask what steps the company will take when or if a data breach occurs.

  1. Where are the company’s servers located?

Find out where the servers are located. It is best if servers are spread out in a wide geographic area so that an outage in one place won’t affect all the company’s servers.

  1. What happens if my data is lost or corrupted?

Although unlikely, it can happen. Does the company provide backups and, if so, how often? What contingency plans are in place if your company’s data is lost or corrupted? Most cloud hosts do backup their customers’ data often, but it’s always a good idea to ask.

Cloud ERP Offers Excellent Security

It is important to find a cloud solution you can trust. After all, your business depends on it. Fortunately, some of the best cloud solutions are also solutions with the highest security. Sage 100Sage 300, and Acumatica cloud ERP all offer superb security along with exceptional functionality to help your business operate at peak efficiency.

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