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Sage HRMS: Helping You Deal with Management Challenges

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One of the most perplexing problems facing any HR manager is the employee with a problem who won’t admit she has a problem. We’re talking about someone referred to you for training who insists the technology is at fault, not the way she uses it … or someone with a more serious problem such as absenteeism or lateness who won’t admit he’s wrong.

What do you do? With all that you have to deal with in a given day, this is probably the last thing you want or need. Yet you can face such challenges in a professional and productive manner. Here’s how.

Document the Facts with Sage HRMS

Using systems such as Sage HRMS, you can document the problems with the employee’s behavior in a central database. It’s hard to argue with facts, and documenting things such as attendance, lateness, meetings with supervisors, and other issues can be kept safely in Sage HRMS. Then, when the time comes to meet with the employee, you can pull up the data to share and discuss.

Coach Suitable Behaviors 

Attendance is based on hard and fast facts. Underperforming employees may need personal coaching and mentoring rather than a fact-based approach to job performance.

Coaching begins by first identifying the specific traits or behaviors you’d like the employee to demonstrate. Next, explain the specific steps needed to achieve those behaviors.

Modeling appropriate behavior is also an important step. Employees who have trouble with a specific task may benefit by performing the task under the guidance and watchful eye of an experienced employee or manager.

Send People to Training 

Another method of offering coaching is to send people to training classes or seminars. This can be motivating for people. They feel special since they’ve been singled out for training. They may take the issue more seriously when they realize that you care enough about their performance to invest in training.

However, training seminars or work-skills courses are only effective if the skills taught in the sessions are supported once employees return to work. Be sure that you understand the specific materials taught in such sessions and are prepared to guide, mentor, and support the new behaviors.

Catch People Doing Something Right 

When faced with an employee in denial or a problematic employee, the tendency is to be evermore vigilant against inappropriate behaviors or mistakes. This only reinforces their denial or causes them to be defensive, making it even more difficult to break through the wall of denial. Instead, trying catching people doing something right.

In the “catch the right” method, you want to be on the lookout for every time the employee does something right. If they have trouble with attendance, note when they’ve got a solid streak of perfect attendance. Greet them when they arrive on time. Make them feel successful.

It is said that people remember criticism much more easily than praise. Criticism stings, while praise washes off of most people. To make sure that praise sticks and works as positive reinforcement, double up the praise and lessen the criticism. This can help break through denial and change behaviors using positive, kind reinforcement.

When All Else Fails … 

When all else fails, you may need to start termination procedures, something no manager or human resources employee ever wants to do. But if it must be done, it must be done.

Sage HRMS can help you document the necessary steps leading to termination. Be sure to speak with your HR director to ensure that proper company procedures are followed, as well as any legal compliance issues that may arise.

Mindover Software makes Managing Easier with Sage HRMS Software

Mindover Software works with businesses to help them streamline their technology and achieve business goals. With Sage 300, Sage 100 and Sage HRMS software in place, managing your team just got a little easier. Learn more on our website or contact us today.

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