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Cloud Business Intelligence Has Become Essential for Manufacturers

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Cloud business intelligence adoption has been slow for manufacturers, although more companies are on the path to ERP adoption. A report indicates that adoption of cloud BI has picked up 50% worldwide, a healthy sign of a growing market.

That’s important information for companies who have been slow to adopt cloud BI strategies. As other manufacturers move ahead with their plans to implement cloud strategies, they will have competitive advantages over your company. More data, faster response times, and better insight into business information all give such vendors benefits that your company lacks. Cloud business intelligence has become essential to remain competitive.

What Is Driving Higher Cloud BI Adoption Rates?

Forbes reports that 78% of companies are planning to implement or increase their use of business intelligence data. This information and the data previously cited point to how cloud business intelligence has changed how companies use BI.

In years past, companies had to purchase costly hardware and special software to run BI programs. Additional programmers and technical support staff might have been needed to keep the BI programs running smoothly.

Now, however, with cloud business intelligence, software once accessible only to large companies is now readily available to companies of all sizes. Cloud computing enables companies to use software through an internet connection which is easily accessed from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. With access to such software no longer tied to expensive upgrades, more companies can use business intelligence software.

Easier and Better Data Management

Another trend driving cloud adoption rates higher and making them essential for profitable manufacturing businesses is easier and better data management.

Business Intelligence programs today have come a long way from the cumbersome software of old. Newer software includes easy to use interfaces, dashboards, and menus that make it a snap to learn and use the system. Extensive training is also available in person and online for many software programs in case you need additional help.

Reporting has also dramatically improved. One-click reports process data for you, creating data visualizations to help you and your staff understand the available data. It’s changed the way in which

Faster Onboarding

Another dramatic step forward for the adoption of business intelligence is the ease with which companies can now implement the software. It’s faster and easier to implement business intelligence solutions today than it has ever been in the past. If you decide to add BI solutions to your company, you can start using them much faster than you thought possible.

Why You NEED Business Intelligence Software

Your ERP system provides some reports, but business intelligence software can do so much more. As more manufacturers globally adopt ERP, BI and other software to help their businesses become more productive and profitable, those who are slow to respond to the trend will find themselves at a disadvantage. Other companies with BI can move quickly, reacting to data found in their systems with innovation and speed. If your company is stuck with manual reports and spreadsheets, by the time you realize an opportunity is open, it may be too late to take action.

Business intelligence software is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have software. To learn more about BI systems for your company, contact Mindover Software.

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