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Desktop Management: Helping your Financial Software

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Businesses that rely on computers and technology to keep their businesses functioning face many challenges in managing their desktops. To learn more about the issues facing businesses in terms of keeping all of the data secured on these computers, including Sage software data, visit here. Although the challenges of desktop management can be numerous, the rewards of using a desktop management software are also great and assist in managing desktops with ease while protecting financial software data from attack.

Why is desktop management needed? Computers, plain and simple, are an integral part of all businesses today, and this means business growth is dependent upon how well computers function and are managed. It is impossible for companies to manage them all manually. Instead, desktop management involves keeping updated details on hardware and software assets, standardizing desktop and application settings, deploying software applications, patching computers, and troubleshooting. A desktop management solution is an inevitable need to save time and money when you consider the large number of computers in use and the dependency businesses have on them to carry out business and management activities.

Let’s explore how a typical desktop management solution should be of great help to your business in helping manage not only your desktops but your Sage software and financial software. Here’s how:

-Secures desktops from various threats like vulnerability attacks, data thefts, and more

  • Keeps computer patches installed and updated
  • Updates anti-virus and anti-spyware programs to protect against new virus and spyware threats
  • Upgrades operating systems and software application to the latest available
  • Applies security restrictions that enforce current and appropriate policies for security
  • Prevents data theft of USB drives
  • Automatically monitors and repairs when users alter configurations

-Standardizes by having the same version of applications and software across the network which helps administrators easily maintain and troubleshoot

  • Images operating systems and applications; deploys to new systems
  • Standardizes configuration of applications across the network
  • Enforces standardized power schemes and settings to save power consumptions
  • Manages desktop settings and user profiles

-Troubleshoots by helping administrators to solve day-to-day problems faced in user computers

  • Enables the ability to establish a remote connection that helps administrators troubleshoot and fix problems from a central location to a remote office

-Audits of Information Technology assets allow for greater ease in managing software and hardware assets on an ongoing basis

  • Keeps updated details of software and hardware assets
  • Keeps track of commercial software with their usage statistics that helps businesses ascertain the requirements and decide which licenses should and should not be renewed
  • Manages software licenses to ensure compliance
  • Prevents users from installing prohibited software in the network and automatically uninstalls any detected prohibited software
  • Alerts on specific events such as the detection of new software, under-licensed software, or prohibited software
  • Generates reports on the assets based on specific audit requirements and criteria

-Assists in meeting any regulatory compliance

  • Meets governmental regulations for data privacy and protection
  • Not only secures data to comply with regulatory bodies but also provides compliance reports

-Automates regular desktop management activities like software deployment, disk defragmentation, cleaning up temp folder, and more

  • Automates deployment for patches as available
  • Schedules imaging and deployment at periodic intervals for software applications to the users and computers
  • Monitors and repairs the configuration changes made by users to comply with company policies
  • Schedules periodic maintenance and computer shutdowns that save power consumption
  • Supports running user-defined scripts in achieving any specific task

Clearly, a desktop management solution is robust in capability and does much to manage the asset computers and financial software are to businesses of any shape and size instead of relying on manual maintenance alone. Learn more about the desktop management solutions we offer and how we can help you implement them in conjunction with your Sage software by contacting us here at Mindover Software.

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