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The Added Benefits of Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Systems

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Warehouse management systems provide an efficient way to manage inventory. The right warehouse systems shave considerable time off conducting inventory. The old-fashioned two-person count method (one person counts, the other records) takes a long time and leads to inaccuracies. Scanning barcodes and sending data immediately into a warehouse management system enables multiple warehouses to be tracked simultaneously and provides accurate customer information.

Five Benefits of Cloud-Based Warehouse Management Systems

Cloud-based systems offer many advantages, including access, expandability to include additional warehouses, real-time updates, and more. But we bet you haven’t considered these advantages and benefits of cloud-based warehouse management systems!

  1. Trace inventory at all stages: Cloud-based warehouse management systems let you trace your inventory at all stages. From the receiving area to the shipping station, you can track each item and see its status in the system. Tracking based on lot and serial numbers and other information lets you call up the information in the warehouse management system quickly and easily.
  2. Manage multiple warehouses: Site-based warehouse systems can be difficult to connect. With cloud-based warehouse management systems, you can manage multiple warehouses through one dashboard regardless of location. All are connected through the web, making it easy to see what’s left in stock in Peoria when the Miami warehouse reports a shortage.
  3. Better supply chain management: It can be difficult to manage the supply chain when you have to manually track inventory. Manual counts cause lags in reported numbers and over-and under- reporting stock can be problematic. With cloud-based warehouse management systems, stock numbers update immediately and reorders can be done online. You can manage stock turnover, seek better prices, and improve profitability by reviewing the data in the system and adjusting your approach as you go.
  4. Improved accounting: With multiple warehouses to manage and hundreds or thousands of SKUs on the books, managing the profit margins and value of inventory using spreadsheets and manual systems can be a nightmare. Instead, with cloud-based warehouse management systems, all the data about the products, including wholesale cost, markup, retail costs, and more can be entered into the system and calculated automatically. The result is more accurate accounting of the value of your inventory and the potential for profits.
  5. Eliminates data silos: Data silos prevent data from being shared. It keeps important information hidden. Cloud-based warehouse management systems eliminate data silos by ensuring that all data from every warehouse and distribution point in your company is shared equally. There’s no more chasing down a report or looking for someone who can access a system for you. Instead, it’s all in one place, at your fingertips, ready for you when you need it.

Warehouse Technology Improves Inventory Control

Thanks to improved warehouse technology, you can gain greater control over your inventory. Cloud-based warehouse management systems integrate seamlessly with enterprise resource planning (ERP) packages. Advanced supply chain and logistic information also enhances your ability to manage one of your company’s most valuable assets: inventory.

Inventory can easily spiral out of control if it’s not managed properly. Products shoved to the back of shelves and forgotten, products ordered too soon (or too late), and product not cared for properly end up costing your company money. With the right inventory management software, you’ll have information available to you that enables you to know precisely where each item is, its stock status, and more.

Find Your (Software) Fit With Mindover Software

Easy to use warehouse management software is just a phone call away. With Mindover Software, we don’t just sell software, we help you choose the right one for your needs. We help companies find solutions that fit their needs, budget, and business model, and we stand with you every step of the way from selection through implementation, training and beyond.

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